Rainbird or Hunter

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by simonkodousek, Jun 23, 2007.

  1. simonkodousek

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    Which company makes better irrigation products in your opinion? Rainbird or Hunter? :)
  2. Wet_Boots

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  3. DanaMac

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    Depends on which components.
  4. irrig8r

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    I think they're about equal, and both better than Toro. I was comparing RB 3500s and Hunter PGJs today, taking them apart side by side, and looking at GPM delivered by different nozzles according to their respective catalogs.

    They don't make it easy to compare, but they're really pretty close. For that particular range, the RB 3500 seems to have a beefier spring. Both have rubber caps. The RB nozzle tree isn't as complete (no 2.5 or 5.0 GPM) but the 3500 tree doubles as a pull up tool, and it's more compact. And the 3500 has the Rain Curtain™ nozzles, for whatever that's worth.

    As far as I'm concerned, they both offer good valves and modular controllers... but Hunter seems to offer slightly better pricing for most items.
  5. Bill S

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    Hunter Rotors
    Rainbird Sprays
    Hunter valves
    Rainbird Clock only because they no longer make Abacus
  6. CAPT Stream Rotar

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    Hunter PGP,I-20,I-25=the best rotors
    Rainbird 5000=not impressed
    3500=best small rotor in the business
    Rainbird Valves=great
    Rainbird controlers=Best in the Biz
    Rainbird funny L's=Decent
    Hunter spray adj360=best.

    but I dont like rainbird nozzles or hunter nozzles...I use toro 570's...

    my 2 cents on the subject.

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    Interesting. Toro does make a good plastic nozzle. RB is close enough that I'll use their popups especially because I use a lot of brass nozzles. long time ago it seems like I remember that Toro carried a line of brass nozzles.

    I agree with you on all this but the controller. I think if I was doing installs i'd use the Hunter because of their remote smart port. i'd like to find a situation to try that Hunter with their weather monitor. Now I am WM Smartline, RB 1804s,6s,12s with sam and prs as needed. DV valves with flow controls.
  8. PurpHaze

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    Both companies are good, both have had certain problems in the past and both will have problems in the future. It all boils down as to what works best in your area, what is more reliable (remember... they'll both have problems but the key is the number of problems with a particular product) and who will listen to you when you encounter problems. In my area and based on past practices, Toro is a "brick wall" company when it comes to listening to professional irrigators. We still use a few of their products (300 Stream Rotor and 570PRX-COM sprays) but we've been shifting to Hunter over the past years due to their products and the fact that they'll listen to us.
  9. service mgr1

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    Props to Hunter for inventing the pgp rotor. i used to use them exclusively. The controllers are ok i guess. i have had some problems with the pro c model's water budget feature going haywire. the rainbird esp lx+ is the best out right now. time tested and good range of features. i have had problems with the 4m modulars. the new 32 zome modular is really cool so far though.. we will see, i have my doubts about anything new. hunter valves are terrible in my opinion. the seats tend to chip causing seeping valves and the diaphrams seem to deteriorate quickly. rb's pga series are the toughest in my opinion. i would use a toro 254-06-04 before i would glue in a cheap hunter valve. 1800's all the way on sprays. 5000s or pgps or i 20 for rotors. toro 300 good too. 18-28' range. i wont use mini rotors. ewing makes a good mp rotator but i dont like using them. big clock 32 modular, small clock esp 4m. good clock esp lx+
  10. Mike Leary

    Mike Leary LawnSite Fanatic
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    Welcome to the forum, servicemgr1, you seem to have a grasp of this gig.
    My two cents: Irritrol "Total Control" clock, Rain Master DX for the big boys.
    I-20 "Ultra" 6" stainless..PGJ or 3500 for mediums, 1800SAM series, Weather-
    Matic brass nozzles, Weather-Matic # 100 series brass w/#92 sweat adapters
    on copper risers. Remote on all sites, even if it's stuffed into the clock!
    Toro "Stream-Rotors" are the coolest, but the 4" pop-up & the fact no low-drain
    is available, PLUS, they like water & pressure! MP Rotators work great, but not
    even close to a Stream-Rotor!:cool2:

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