Rainbird RC - 1260B broken gear

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by lawnmaniac883, Jul 19, 2007.

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    This is the controller for one of the commercial properties I maintain, began working on it the other day and noticed the deep well pump was running (water from relief valve at top). Proceed to open up controller to find no valves open and a buzzing relay. Turn breaker off and I assumed the relay had somehow stuck shut and wouldnt allow pump to turn off.

    Just replaced the relay and guess what, that didnt work, turns out the gear that moves the large wheel with all the zones on it isnt spinning, remove the panel and two wasp nests later find that the gear spins freely instead of being affixed to its shaft.

    Can the gears on this controller be replaced and if so where can I find the part? Thanks

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    your local irrigation supply house should be able to handle this for you.but the c series and the bi's are to scrapped that's what they say down in the south!
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    Im just going to replace it with something else, dont have the time to screw with getting it repaired were in a drought right now and no water = dead lawn. Thanks though

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