Rainbird Select Contractor Trip in January.

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by JimLewis, Dec 29, 2006.

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    No. Not nearly that much. We had a lot of growth points. And we also get the maximum amount of points because we are a 100% Select Contractor. So at the 100% Select level, you get a LOT more points (per dollar spent) than you do if you are at one of the other two lower levels. And then with growth points, they take whatever you bought in the previous year and that becomes your "base" for the current year. And so whatever you purchase in the current year ABOVE your base, you get like triple points for. (Rainbird is looking for companies who are growing rapidly and rewarding these companies more). Then on top of all this we sold probably 50% more irrigation installs than any previous year. So it's all that combined that let us have the points to go.
  2. JimLewis

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    Um. Well, even when I was taking the random pool pictures I noticed the ladies in bikinis were already starting to get nervous about a guy with a camera. If I had pointed at them, I think I would have been in trouble - not only with them but with my wife as well.

    Rainbird heads only? I don't think so. I think the main concern is the quality of the establishment, rather than which sprinkler heads they use. I don't think Rainbird intends to punish hotels and resorts for decisions their building contractors made 10 or 15 years ago. At this resort, I never could find a sprinkler head.
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    Good for you, looks like you had a lot of fun.

    Problem for a company like mine is that we are repair only so we don't buy mass quantities of supplies. But I would really like to go on one of these someday.
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    With your luck Dana they'd probably schedule you for one... say... late April. :laugh:
  5. PurpHaze

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    Heck... MY wife points them out to me. Guess she figures it helps getting me "stirred" up. :laugh:
  6. hoskm01

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    So, Jim,,,,

    We've been invited to the Fly-in this spring and are totally stoked. We are on our way in March, and love RB, and plan to learn all we can and sell all we can in the future. I am in in for Maxicom classes in March, as well. What do you have to say?
  7. JimLewis

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    Well, first, congrats for dredging up a very old threat! LOL.

    That's great. You know I am a die-hard RB guy. I love the product and I love the way they treat their contractors like Gold. I can't tell you how much RB helps me each year.

    That's great you're going to the fly-in this spring! You're gonna have a blast. When they took me on my first fly-in I didn't have to pull out my wallet for anything the entire time. It was first class all the way. Every time I even thought about anything, they were already getting it for me. I am not used to being treated so well. So it was a really nice change of pace.

    Next was the Select Contractor trip, as I talked about in this old thread. That was amazing too! They didn't quite pay for everything on the S.C. trip. But pretty close. They paid for 90% of the stuff I did on that trip. Still treated us like first class the whole time.

    Since then, I've been on another 2 trips on RB's dime. Good stuff.

    What do I have to say? Well, first of all, half the guys here on lawnsite are gonna call you a sell-out. So get ready for that. :laugh:

    But no, really.... If you're going to get serious with RB, it pays to be loyal. I know guys locally who are "kinda" with their rewards program. Or "kinda" on the Select Contractor program. But they never really commit and never really make an effort to get to know their RB rep. and never really take advantage of all the things that the rep. would do for them, if they were really serious. So they never get to experience all the great rewards.

    If you guys are going to be on the RB Rewards program, or even better - on the Select Contractor program, there are some more things I would advise you about in private. That would have to be done in PM. But it's all good. I love my RB rep's. They are awesome. I can't tell you how much they've helped me over the years.

    That's great though. You're going to have a blast.

    Hopefully your boss is one who likes to "share the rewards" with his employees. When I go on the Select Contractor or other trips, a lot of times I am hanging out with the foreman of a company, not necessarily the owner. So helping the owner be successful and getting him lots of RB points can help you too. I know a lot of companies around here who send their top guys on trips when they can't make it.

    Besides the big trips, though, there are a LOT of ways RB will help you with other parts of your business from providing presentation materials to training to on-site help to other stuff. But one thing they don't like is free-loaders. They don't like the contractors who show up at all their promo functions but then never buy any of the show specials. Or contractors who go to the fun local "casino night" on RB's dime just to get the free drinks and food and prizes but then never even bother to try out their products. Those guys don't get the good stuff later. RB is more than gracious with contractors who are loyal and willing to give their products an honest shot. But they are weary of free-loaders. So keep all that in mind. The rest of the really good stuff I can tell you in email or PM.

    Have a blast!!! That's awesome.
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    I'll second all of that. I went on a contractor fly in to LA years ago & went to the Bahamas 2 weeks ago for the Select Contractor trip. I took my 3 young kids & they even did everything to make it enjoyable for them. Rain Bird is a true class act. I'd love to go on another fly in to Arizona!!
  9. rlpsystems

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    Man, you all are going all over the place with those points. Me, I cashed em in for this sweet pullover!!!

  10. Green Sweep

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    I spent $100,000 with Rain Bird and all I got was this lousy shirt....

    I got a similar pullover (that was too small) on my fly in. MY wife makes fun of me because I am always wearing Rain Bird gear. I have sooo many shirts, hats, and sweatshirts. I am a walking billboard. Never did get a nice polo golf shirt though...... And, they raffled off 3 Rain Bird/Nike golf bags at Atlantis that I DID NOT win.

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