Rainbird sprinkler design

Bryan McMullen

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I had never drawn up a sprinkler system before, so I did it through the rainbird design book.They sent me back a diagram and parts list.They also broke it down by valves.Does anyone do this and if so how accurate are they.


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I heard that Rainbird only does it for the homeowner, not for a landscaper. So if you can't submit a drawing on behalf of a client. (obviously one could try to work around that...) Anyone else heard that?
The free rainbird design service is great, but is only for residents, not pro's. The parts list that they gave my one client that did try to install his own system, used only residential parts and not their pro parts. The other thing that the design service can't take into consideration are obstacles,extreme wind conditions, grades ect.... that's where we pro's come into play.

The other thing that is a drawback, the design doesn't install the system for you.:eek:

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