Rainbird WR2 Wireless Rain Sensor

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by GreenLight, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. GreenLight

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    This question is really for those who have experience using this product. I had a customer recently request this product specifically. We have always installed the Hunter or Irritrol wireless sensor and have been satisfied I suppose, but I decided let's give this RB a try. Well I had a difficult time finding this sensor through all my local reps and most told me they had never even stocked them due to zero demand, that troubled me a bit.

    Anyway, I installed it and was a little less than thrilled with the way the spindle containing the rain discs detaches from the head unit of the transmitter and then you "click" it back on to complete installation. Has anyone experienced these things falling apart in heavy wind/violent storms?

    Secondly, referring to all the literature that RB provides and I have looked up, this sensor never really confirms if it shuts down the system "when it rains" or shuts downs the system "when it has accumulated enough water". My fear here is that this thing is more intuitive than the standard rain sensor and is going to allow watering even during rain until it reaches it's set point to stop. Theoretically this is great, but it won't keep the HO's from calling everytime they see the system running when it rains. So I guess im curious as to know if you guys know if it default shutdowns in rain?

    Finally, it seems to default to allowing you to manually "override the sensor for 72 hours" or "suspend watering for 72 hours". The literature never actually gets into how this thing suspends watering otherwise on it's own (Using dryout time). I certainly don't want the sensor suspending water for 72 hours everytime it justifies a heavy half inch rain.

    Any other reviews on this product are appreciated.
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  2. Michdeere

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    I can offer a little info to you. I'm a die hard Hunter guy but I finally gave up on Hunter's wireless rain sensor. 6 different sensors with dead batteries this Spring. The oldest were from 2008. I really pushed these things and talked them up big. Now I'm eating them (or a portion thereof). My local JDL let me return them and trade for Rainbird WR2's. The Rainbird's were about $5.00 more out of my pocket. They are a little bulky, but I can deal with that. Batteries are replaceable, not sealed in like the Hunter sensors. I've not had any trouble with them coming apart in wind/storm conditions. The signal and battery strength indicators on the receiver are very nice. Just wish it said Hunter on the cover. As far as the 72 hour override, if it would rain here in southern Michigan, I could tell you how it works.
  3. Irrigation Contractor

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    We install the WR2 on anything that is not your typical builder home and every commercial project. We started using them last summer, so I would guess we have close to 300 plus on the job by now.

    Not really any problems, but we had some batteries go down a little quick. We just purchased some bulk batteries that are a better quality and install them from day one.

    IMO, it is a great unit. Not being able to locate one from a supplier just baffles me, but I guess every area is different.
  4. cjohn2000

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    Interesting, we have a lot of wireless mini clik out in the field but im not so sure of Hunter anymore, seem to have increasing problems with controllers and rain sensors going TU prematurely. Just hung an ICORE today and it says Made In China for blah blah blah. But those RB rain sensors have always looked interesting to me.
  5. Kiril

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    The corp mantra .... bend the consumer over, way over charge for a POS product with planned obsolescence, laugh all the way to the off shore bank .... rinse and repeat.
  6. drfrumpy

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    So far we are seeing great battery life from our Hunter Wireless Solar Syncs. Maybe you got a bad batch/? Have not used anything from RB, no local support.
  7. sprinklerchris

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    The Rain Bird wireless rain sensor addresses the battery-replacement and signal range issues associated with the lousy Hunter one. I am surprised Hunter keeps making such a poor quality product.
  8. muddywater

    muddywater LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I gave up on Hunter a couple years ago. I like the WR2 much more than Hunter's Rainclick. I like the gutter mount, the replaceable battery, the 5 bar battery gauge and sync gauge. Never had one blow off, haven't really had many problems out of them. I had ALOT of problems out of Hunters sensor and their clocks.
  9. irrig8r

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    I only install the Irritrol RS 1000. It has proven itself where others have failed.

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