Rainbord (Falcon) 6504 reliability



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I've had very few issues with the 6504. I've got heads in the ground that are over 5 years old that have had zero issues. Most of my issues have been from equipment driving over the heads and breaking them.
we have had our share of those as well, but my main issue is with the part circle sticking problem.


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San Antonio, TX
What are your thoughts on plastics vs SS risers? We use SS with the 6504 but I’m not entirely sure it’s worth the extra money since the useable life is short anyway.
I've been changing out the plastic riser 6504's to SS risers on one site I work on, but as you've stated, with a short usable life span, it's really not worth it.

And just to be fair, this site uses surface water, so it's possible that the water is contributing to the failures, although I've had rotors fresh out of the box with a "choppy" rotation, as if there were something sticking in the drive mechanism.