rainy days and disrespectful people!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by scagwildcat, May 5, 2011.

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    Yesterday,was a rain day for us, I have a customer that wanted some garden work done, she wanted a new garden on the side of her house about 4ft x50'L some plants removed in the front and replaced with new, and about 5yds of mulch that i didnt get to yet, so my employee and i were there at 8am within 5 minutes we were so wet , it would have been dryer in a pool lol, around 10 am the homeowner comes out as my employee was going to the truck and started to yell at him, ARENT YOU GOING TO MOW THE LAWN? So he nicely told her that i was around the corner and that we were working on the gardens, she came out to see me and wanted to change everything,she has a habit of getting a price for work then adding more work after we start. Then yelled at me about the lawn too.
    This lady is one of those, i want it done as of yesterday! and i dont want to pay alot for it!
    i cant believe people, i figured, we would make her happy and try to get it done for her, and my help would make some hours, it would be a win win on a rainy day and she was mad at me? some days i amaze myself on how i now can hold back my temper.
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    Some people are of the mind set of me. myself and I. We've been rained out religiously for days and days but so far no one has complained so far which amazes me. It stopped raining yesterday, so after a clean up we did at a restaurant we mowed them. They sit on a hill and our 21" was leaving ruts. I've done away with just about all of those types of customer's and some were decent paying but just not worth the aggravation and guess what? we're still here.
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    I walk off those jobs, telling them that I'm sorry, but I hve work to do... Zero tolerance for stupidity... I do this work because I enjoy it, ad buzz killers remind me of jerks...

    There's one place that I drive by all the time that I walked off of 20 years ago... Everyone else in that neighborhood likes me... :)
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    And I'm not telling you what to do but this could be one of those customers
    whom it might be best to just tell her in a nice way that you feel at this time it
    might be best she call somebody else.

    lol @ Buzz killers comment

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