Rainy Season

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by billslawn89, Jun 28, 2011.

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    The Radar this morning is showing Tampa and the North Gulf Coast are getting pounded. Yesterday We had a mist from morning til dark then the sky opened up all nigh long. But this morning my area radar shows a clear morning. This afternoon might be a different story.
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    We are starting to flood. Swimming pools are overflowing. I will have a ton of crap to clean up this weekend. A lot of dead tree limbs becoming water heavy and breaking off. Very little lightning oddly enough. I am sure there is some idiot out there making mudpies in a customers yard.:usflag:
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    Looks like the rains that have been just to the north of us all day are starting to expand to the South and East and intensify. Could be another all nighter.
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    just started coming down heavy here
  5. It's been raining since 515 or so and most of it heavy rain. Just a light rain/drizzle now. Sposed to get more tomorrow too. This weather has been great in keeping temps decent. June was brutal without the rain and oppressive heat. The days here have been hot, but def. bearable.
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