Raise the Flags? or Raise the Rates?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Expert Lawns, Aug 5, 2002.

  1. Expert Lawns

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    those darn little flags in the ground that say 'phone line, water line, cable line' etc are really starting to irritate me.

    does anyone else find themselves dealing with them at every other lawn like me? if so, do you get off the mower, pull them out, get on the mower, mow, get back off, put the flag back.....or do you mow around them, then let the trimmer handle it?

    or if someone has a better way, let me know (besides pulling them out and throwing them away like i want to do) thjs is just getting too time consuming
  2. Clint

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    from Texas
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    Heh, i try and wait a little while at least before i pull them out and chunk them on the lot of the house being built next door, thats to try and let whoever is needing that information get it... after a few weeks, bye bye i dont have time to deal with it

  3. Darryl G

    Darryl G Inactive
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    I would suggest that whatever you do, do not take them out and put them back. If someone hits a utility line they could point the finger at you, claiming that you moved them. Around here, they usually just use paint, so it's not a problem. Also, the Call-Before-You-Dig mark-out is only good for 30 days before it has to be called in again, at least in CT.
  4. We leave them right where they are mow around them, and they get trimmed once they are removed.

    No we don't trim them at all!!!
  5. Expert Lawns

    Expert Lawns LawnSite Silver Member
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    godfather, have you ever got a complaint for not trimming them? i think that's the best bet, wait out the 30 days, or until they're gone, then mow em'
  6. jsaunders

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    most of the problems that I have is with the invisible fence flags. They seem to love to put flags every 3''. For a week or two we leave them, then we pull out the flags YET leave the ones in the corners so if work needs to be done there can be a general idea of where the line is. But it does suck trimming around them the first time.:D
  7. Expert Lawns, not a one.

    We did mow one lawn for close to a year before we asked if we could remove the flags yet. The grass was taller than the flags. LMAO

    I leave it up to the customer on that, they usualy come out or call and ask them to be removed or do it them selves.

    Dog fence flags 3 weeks the original number, the next 3 weeks about half, then that amount stays until the customer asks or removes them on their own.

    We don't touch the flags unless it is a dog fence and we remove half or the ones that are in the way.

    I wrote this in my contracts.

    Also just a note, if some one layed a cable in the lawn and there are no flags, I will perposly cut the cable. If no falgs I/we are not responsable. If customer calls and imforms us I wont cut it.

    The "I didn't see it" and the "I am color blind" excuse has always worked. I feel if they were to lazy to burry it the wont mind coming out to replace it again and again. One house last year six times before it was burried.
  8. Barker's Lawn Care

    Barker's Lawn Care LawnSite Member
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    We usually wrap the flag around the plastic/metal stick then stick both ends deep in the ground. then mow right over top of them.
  9. Albemarle Lawn

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    chop em

    Only with dull blades, they are not needed anymore, and it is nasty commercial prop!

  10. Scraper

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    Don't do that! I hit one last season on accident and boy was it an accident. The darn thing flew around and right thru the sidewall of the rear tire giving me a flat. Better the tire than my leg I guess.

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