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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by orionkf, Jul 27, 2005.

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    OK, hopefully someone has run across this situation before. I'm installing a raised brick patio under a deck. How do you deal with the deck posts so that they dont get rotted out prematurely?? I have a few ideas, but i want to hear what other people do.

    Also...the raised part of the patio will be approximately 2 ft. high. What do you think about using concrete chunks at the bottom, and then filling in between them with appropriate base material. Alternatively...using 3/4 clean rock at the bottom, followed by appropriate base material (Grade 8, CA6, pack rock, road base, whatever you want to call it)

    Thanks in advance to all those with constructive input.

  2. orionkf

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    85 views and no one has anything?

    If this has been covered before, please post a link.
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    If you can excavate for the pad and add temporary support posts you can shorten the length of the permanent support posts and pour concrete footings under them using a cardboard concrete form(sonotube). Set the height of the concrete at the same height as your final grade of base material. Make the cut on the permanent support post at the height of the concrete minus enough room to properly fit a cleat between the concrete and the post. Screed and lay pavers as normal and make cuts around the posts.

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    All of the balcony/raised decks in our area have 1' of concrete pillaster above ground so rotting of wood is not an problem. What I would do in the situation described is pour a pilaster from below the frost line to a foot over grade, cut the support posts at the right level, then reset the deck. Then just build your patio.

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