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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by djmn, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. djmn

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    So what to you guys do when raised paver patio would be approximately 4 inches above the foundation on one side? The patio would be bounded by the house at the top, the garage on one side, and retaining wall block on the two remaining sides.
    Remove the last row of vinyl siding and do some sort of waterproofing/flashing?
    Any input would be greatly appreciated.

  2. tthomass

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    whats the width? creat a channel for water................a ditch, fill it with river stone..............sod? use a drain box and pipe out the water somewhere else
  3. tylermckee

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    from wa
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    Cut/remove the siding and PROPERLY flash it.
  4. djmn

    djmn LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the replys. I'm trying to talk the client out of raising the patio above the foundation, but if that's the route they go, what would be the "PROPER" way of flashing it?
    There's a deck ledger board that would need to be removed, then after the patio was finished, they'd extend the siding down to the top of the patio.
    BTW, how common of a practice is this? Is this something you guys encounter a lot or is it totally unheard of?
    I'm obviously worried about any resulting water/moisture damage to the basement sills/joists/etc.
  5. tylermckee

    tylermckee LawnSite Member
    from wa
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    what i have used is flashing that tucks up under the siding and and then 90's out onto the patio an inch or so, sort of a drip edge keeps water from running all the way down the wall between the patio and house. Make sure to also just use flat metal flashing on the sheeting where you remove the siding. Thats how we always do it at the company i work for at least.
  6. D Felix

    D Felix LawnSite Bronze Member
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    We ran into a similiar situation last fall/winter.

    Remove the affected siding. Flash with metal to below the sill plate, then cover with rubberized ice dam material. The ice dam is just added protection.

    Obviously, pitch the patio away from the house as much as possible!
  7. gdeangel

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    I have a similar situation, but the patio is going up against the exterior of a nook that houses one of those modular gas fireplaces. There is no foundation under the nook... just a gap small above the ground where the foundation would be on the rest of the house, and then its all sided right down to the bottom. When the work is done, that gap will be filled in with stone to we don't get unexpected shifting, but there is nothing else down there... but it will still be a stone/wood type interface. Would you bother with siding and metal flashing in this situation? Maybe some kind of weep holes for water to run down would do the trick?
  8. WildLake

    WildLake LawnSite Senior Member
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    Just like you would a deck. Install the flashing and be sure to have run off. I would keep the original J channel and reinstall it after you cut the siding.
  9. Drafto

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    If it is only a few inches is adding an immediate step out of the door an option?


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