Raised patios - fill with recycled concrete?

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by saidiadude, Mar 26, 2006.

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    I'm a novice DIYer. Have done lots of small/med sized projects for the house (build patio roof, replace plumbing, drywall, etc). I'm looking for feedback on the following project for my folks in Southern CA (budget is a concern):

    Currently, their entire backyard is covered in concrete :-( I'd like to rip up about 20'x10' and plant a garden there. In addition, I'd like to build 2 small patios on top of the exisiting concrete. These patios will be about 15'x15'x8" each and will be covered, so there will be very little moisture on the patios.

    Can I recycle the concrete that I rip up and use it to build the patios as follows:
    - build a "frame" of cinderblock and rebar for each patio. Place the dry recycled concrete in the frame and fill the voids with Sand. Compact and lay bricks on top. Remember the base will be the existing concrete slab. Would this be a problem structurally? Alternatives for building patio (frame or otherwise)?

    Some caveats: Of the two patios I'd like to build, Patio1's base has a cracked slab. The crack is less than 1" wide but runs the length of the (new) patio area and beyond. Would this be a problem? Do I need to seal it? How?

    Patio2's current floor has an existing "hole" (planter area) that is abt 5' diameter in the middle. This hole will be covered. Should I fill the planter hole in Patio2 one with wet concrete first or just fill with sand/recycled concrete as above.

    Both patios will see only foot traffic (no cars, etc) however, the 2nd patio will have a pool table on it. I assume that concrete footers for leg support will be required?

    The other option is build 2 wooden decks or 1 of each.

    Thx for your help.
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    anyone? anyone? Bueller? :)

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