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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jpp, Aug 11, 2005.

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    to the price of gas. OK I now know my hourly rate for leaf clean up is going up this year. Just wondering what all your thoughts are on this? As we know we use more gas in the blowers,the leaf loaders, and the mowers when we are bagging. Are any of you considering this? Yes I have a surcharge already in place and in effect but that did not take into consideration the extra usage of equipment during leaf season.
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    Good question...I really made a mistake last year when I realized my contracts did not specify a leaf collection fee. On leaf jobs we found that 60.00 per man hour was attainable on most properties. Of course I had one client tell me we were very expensive- then she called us back one month later! Newer contracts simply advise that client will be billed each month for a "leaf collection adjustment".

    It was agreed that leaf collection should be a great profit maker just like aeration and shearing. We also found that the 10.00 per bag of leaves (mulched thru Billy Goat and dumped onto tarps and then funneled into 45 or 50 gal. bags) equated to about 1.00 per minute per man.

    I will aim for this gross profit point again this year, but I understand many in my area only shot for about 45.00 per man hour using their amigos and a truck mounted vacuum.
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    With the end of September all customers get a letter with what they will be charged for Leaf Removal ALL I am asking is will everyone else be raising their rates due to the continue rising gas prices.

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