Raising prices due to gas prices

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by BobbyKnight, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. BobbyKnight

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    Maybe I have missed this in recent weeks, but I was just wonder: Is anyone raising their prices/mowing due to the rise in gas prices? Or, is everyone staying put on their prices?

    I know prices vary from one area to the next. In my area we are probably up 40 to 60 cents/gallon in comparison to last year. Just this morning when I was driving to work once gas station had 2.12/gallon. At lunch time it was 2.39/gallon.

    What are your thoughts on this...besides...you should have gotten gas this morning! HA!
  2. br549oicu8

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    When fuel costs are above $1.55 per gallon all of our contracts call for a $1 per mowing fuel surcharge. This does help offset the cost somewhat. One crew averages 26-28 lawns a day and the other 12-16 so...added up it does help offset. We have not differentiated between lawn sizes which also makes sense. I guess we will see what our oil barons decide to do to us next!!! :realmad:
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    we charge a fuel sur-charge after 1.90, however since we have been above that for awhile, we are estimating accordingly. Customers will understand the increase due to fuel costs.

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