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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bueller, Feb 19, 2007.

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    While this will only be my second year as an owner of a LCO, I have landscaped for 10-12years. I started the business as the man and dear friend I worked for passed. I keeped the customs that I wanted and were close to home, and left prices the same as they were. I picked up a couple more props both res. and comm. I know he did not raise prices for at least the last few years. But now the prices need to be raise. How do you catch prices up that are 3,4, maybe even 5 years behind? This is on mowing only, as I did not know what he charged elsewhere, and did my own pricing. Thanks for the input
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    At the begining of this season, I would send a introduction letter stating that you do not like to raise prices but because of rising operating costs you are forced to. I would raise your prices over the next 2-3 seasons so you are not passing it to them all at once. If you do good work, most of your customers will not say anything and will understand.
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    Thanks for the reply. The quality is there. My lawns go from 60 to $350 a cut. What is reasonable % to raise them if you know it has not been done in years.
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    Well if you are charging $72 per acre and the norm is $100 per acre you are 25% behind. Perhaps bump 10% at least.

    Honestly, I wouldn't go after a large bump as its not a large sum when it coems ot mowing. Focus more on selling them plantings.........one good planting/landscape installation and you can make the ame as you would from bumping your prices up.
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    Hey rockwaterfarm, love the slogan, do you actually advertise that? Ballsy
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    I was in the same boat the other year but instead of a percentage I raise all customers that were up to $50 five dollars a cut and every one over $50 a cut ten bucks never got one complaint, but I did it when the gas went thru the roof it helped them understand. I do however know a guy that raised his 10-15 on every yard and lost close to half of them,so be careful. If they are way under priced I would talk to them in person And tell them "joe blow" has been cutting your yard for 5 years for 50 but it should be 125 I don't want to go up on you all at once, but you have to meet me in the middle for say 70-80 if not I can no longer do it. This has worked for me on a few and if it don't drop em.

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