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    We have raised our prices a modest 5% each season to cover the blood-sweat-and-tears of Lawn Care.

    Thankfully I was fortunate enough to find out what the market averages were first in our area before jumping in with both feet.

    We continue to increase our profits ever so slowly and without STICKER ShOcK!!!

    Good Luck.

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    I will do some adjusting this year but am scared to death to do so this year. You see the economy here is ag based and is going tits-up. Quite a few old businesses of various kinds are folding and utility prices are sky high. Yes I know that my costs are going up but 75% of my customers truely don't care. My plans here in this area may have to include a night job in 2002. Things have changed alot in just two months. I may be forced to move. Time will tell.
    So raising prices must be based on the economy of your locality and nobody else's.

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