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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by turkp15, Aug 18, 2003.

  1. turkp15

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    I have a 48" Exmark viking w/ a fixed deck. Right now the deck is at 2". I wanted to know how i couls move it to 3"?
  2. Move the spacer on the castor wheels so there is "2" below the mower, this means put 2 of them on the fork then reinstall and put the rest on top.

    Also should be I think 4 blade spacers below the spindel.

    I could be wrong, been long time since I messed with a fixed deck.

    Post in the Exmark forum of this site too.

    from AL
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    It depends on the aXle position, & current spacers below Spindle & casters.

    Check the Chart in the Manual.
  4. geogunn

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    jeff--if you don't know/understand how to do this, should you really be using that machine? :confused:

  5. redbull

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    this is the biggest draw back to a fixed deck unit & it is a PITA!
  6. rkbrown

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    With a full inch jump, I would think that moving the rear axle is in order. The Exmark manual has a chart showing the different combinations of axle position, castor spacers and blade spacers to achieve the desired height. If you do not have a manual, I believe that you can look at them online based on your serial number.
  7. turkp15

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    Thanks for the replies guys

    GeoGunn - the reason I asked the question was because I didn't know if I had to move the deck up and the back wheels or if spacers would do the job. I also didn't want to have to do extra work if I didn't have to. Good reply though
  8. cblackwe

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    I have a Metro, fixed deck. I have found that the chart in the operators manual is a "somewhat close", reference, not exact. Tire pressure and other factors affect the overall height. It is necessary to put the spacers under the blade, caster and verify axle position, then measure the blade height on concrete, and at various positions in the plane of travel to get a correct cutting height. Remember to rake the deck a little bit low in the front for quality of cut. this may require moving the axle bolts..

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