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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by impactlandscaping, Mar 15, 2006.

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    Incredible you guys are crying about min. wage increasing. I know, I know...there will be a deep recession, the market is going to crash, jobs will crumble, our society as a whole is doomed for failure and ultimate anihlation:rolleyes:

    Min.wage always has and always will suck. But for pete's sake min. wage has only increased $FIVE DOLLARS$ in the past 30 years! You all want to talk your gloom and doom go and talk about the travasty of that.

    Minimum wage was never designed for families to sustain themselves forever but rather as a transitional, motivational mode to get to the next level. It was not intended for people who have 5 kids and 2 acres and a $200,000 home. Y'all are just ticked you may have to cut back on your fuel expenses by not running the A/C constantly at full blast to meet or exceed what you have now. Boo Hoo:cry:

    The biggest problem with making decent $$$ is that the people who are making it just don't appreciate it but come more to think they desrve it. And greed, contrary to popular belief, is NOT good. Being hungry is good. Being hungry keeps you humble. Being hungry keeps you a step ahead of the game. Being hungry makes you more $$$ than greed ever will.:usflag:
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    Thank you brucec32!

    I agree with what you have to say 100%. I too see all the stupid and rather dumb labor practices that you mentioned if not more...there's just too many to name. Now I'm no expert in the field, but I do know what I'm doing and how costs affect bottom line. Im only 17 and have been doing this lawn cutting gig since I was 10 to earn money for college. I started out small, by myself in the neighborhood. Then i got some commerical properties, got insurance, better equipment, and had to have my dad help me on the weekend's who has always willingly helped me out when I'm in need of help. The past year I took on a large multi-site contract, mowing over 100+ acres a week. I did it in addition to my other sites with 3 employees working 40 or less hours per week (one to cut with the wide area (batwing) mower, one to cut with a ZTR mower for tight areas and entry ways for a nice look, and another to handle trimming when needed (used growth regulator), along with edging, trash pickup, etc - odd jobs., leaving myself out to do administration work and other things a normal high school senior would do (varsity sports, study (4.0+ GPA, etc.). What brucec32 said is right. Many groups use way too much man power and are inefficent. The technology is out there. use it and don't worry about rasing minimum wage. Also, as time goes on, so do your rates, so don't be scared to raise your rates alittle every year. Everyone else does - look at your insurance for example...
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    The argument I always see for min wage is that people can't live off that, or maintain a family. No kidding. Min wage isn't meant for people to live off or raise a family. Min wage is for workers starting in the work force, kids and unskilled labor. Not for people with children and rent payments. I don't know anywhere that pays min wage anyway to non-teen employees. Most places are already at the $7/hr mark anyway. So inflating that min wage floor is going to push those employees that think they should get paid $2 more than current min wage, when in fact they aren't doing work that would require them getting paid $9/hr. Fast food workers, retail workers, unskilled labor workers are all employees for businesses without a great profit margin to begin with. Employers are going to raise rates to compensate, which will push inflation up and not get anyone anywhere. And let's not forget, thanks to this great global economy, our wages and standard of living in the US is going to go down as we change to a service based economy that relies on people buying products and services, and not on producing durable goods. If people don't have money to buy, the economy will tank, and further the cycle.

    Furthermore, in our industry, rates are not going up or even keeping pace with inflation, while costs increase. You can't just raise your rates to compensate, there's always a low baller that will come along and outbid you and keep pushing prices down.
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    To me this is the real issue.
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    Minimum wage in Michigan going from $5.15 to $6.95/hr, a 35% increase this October. Kiss all your .$99 hamburgers good-bye.:waving:
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    Bruce 32 - right on. great post


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