rakes....the old fashioned way

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by zackvbra, Dec 15, 2012.

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    The same rate per hour as I charge to use power equipment. My fix costs are the same either way I may save 1-2 dollars in 2 cycle but cost of a full time employee is the same. The cost of the truck that got him there the rent the insurance the regulations I have to deal with for registrations and licenses are the same. My time is worth something if my crew brings in 240 an hour and i work 5 hours I expect 1200 the fact that I was forced to work at a crawl by the request of the customer should not effect my daily bottom line. Plus its even worse since the fatigue of me and my men go through the roof and no one wants to to anything after a bs job like that. If I did the job early they would all walk like zombies the rest of the day and If I tried to be smart and did it late they would all show up late or not at all the next day. When your trained to use power equipment going back to the stone age is discouraging, insulting and depressing. So I would have steered her to the correct efficient method and would have done so by pointing out the added cost of the job to do it her moronic way.
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    I base my quotes on $30/hr when I'm using my machines. Since I would be giving up using those machines, it would have been $45/hr.

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