Ram 1500 diesel

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Mow Money Lawn Care, Oct 28, 2013.

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    diesels and big motors also aren't being worked to anywhere near their full potential in light duty trucks either when they are doing that.
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    That's the same with our duramax.... whether it's empty or pulling 7k behind it, it's a constant 13.5-14mpg. Now the vortec 8.1.... empty it's about 14, loaded only 7.2-7.4mpg.
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    Half ton trucks are not built for day in day out landscape work, Smaller brakes,lighter axles,frame,smaller trannys, you name it! Thats not to say you cant do it, but i dont see you will save any money as you will be doing lots of repairs and part replacement! As far as dodge goe's RUN! RUN FASTER! For what its worth, i purchased a 2013 chevy 1500, 11 months ago. Average mileage is 18.6 mpg with the 5.3/ six speed. Love the truck, however, i dont work it like my NPR or my Dmax. Half ton diesel to me is just a stupid idea unless your goal is simply to attain good mileage in a personal vehicle?
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    I see how people are skeptical of a half ton doing 3/4 and 1 ton jobs. But also rememeber. Trucks capibilites have gone way up in just the last few years. So its quite possible that new Ram could be close to what your 250 is. I mean it is a first year motor to us but has been used in Europe for years, the kingdom of proven reliable diesels so I wouldn't be afraid to own it. I say to go for it if you want because as long as you are keeping with in its towing capacity you are using the truck for what is what made to handle. But if you need to start looking at older diesels then here is a link showing the cost of fuel between gas and diesels as well as the mileage for the motors. The 7.3 Powerstroke is proven reliable and ties with real world fuel economy with the Cummins 5.9. hitchanything.com/towing-fuel-economy-infographic
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    A blown HG will set you back about $5000. Cracked heads can run a few grand for remans. EGR delete is a must. After market oil coolers and coolant filtration is popular. If you let the batteries run down it will damage half you FICM. The list goes on.

    My local shop mechanic worked at Ford for five years before he started his own shop. He loves the 6.0's and even the 6.4's. While at Ford he replaced lots of them. The new 6.7 in the C&C trucks had an issue that blew some motors as well.

    Even on the later years of the 6.0's he said he has done lots of HG work. ARP is the only way to go.
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    You either out the money in a ford motor or a dodge transmission take your pick

    You take care of a 6.0 you won't have any problems with it
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    I think the last problematic truck tranny for Chrysler was the 46RE in 2000 year and prior trucks. The 47RE, 48rfe, and 68RFE have all done well. The 47 & 48 are popular racing transmissions that guys have put in Ford and Dmax trucks for sled pulling and drag racing.

    For manuals the NV5600 in the older 2500 & 3500 Ram is probably the strongest manual trans ever put in a truck. Throw in a Southbend clutch and it will handle 1000 HP.

    The G56 is fine minus the Mercedes clutch. The Germans don't improve everything. Throw a Gorilla Girdle and an aftermarket clutch on the G56 and there are guys making big power numbers with those as well.

    The trans in the 6.0 & 6.4 deserved to be bolted to something that had a better use then being a boat anchor. The Ford trans had a good reputation but it never seemed to be bolted to other trucks like the 47 & 48 were for high HP applications.

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