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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gogetter, Mar 12, 2002.

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    I got some questions for those that have built ramp gate assists.
    I basically want to model mine after the EZ Gate design.
    They use a piece with pulleys on the top rail to guide the cable through.

    I wonder if using a forged eye bolt would work?. In other words something that is smooth with no edges for the cable to rub on as it's being guided.
    I even wonder if the pulleys are actually turning with all that weight/pressure from the cable on the EZ Gates anyway?

    Also any tips as to what I can use to elevate the protective pipe up from the trailers rail? EZ Gates design shows it up about an inch or so. I suppose a bunch of washers would work, but I was looking for something cleaner looking.

    Last thing, how do you go about using a safety cable inside the spring? I'm guessing it has to be as long as the spring is when fully stretched (when ramp is down)? How do I attach the cable?

    I know, it's alot of questions. I just want it be safe and work smoothly. Otherwise I'm better off buying an EZ Gate. Thanks.
  2. edward hedrick

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    I made an EZ-Gate I used their photo . I used 1/4" electrical

    beam clamps to to trailer rail Iused electrical conduit hangers to

    hold a ten ft piece of grey elec conduit, large enough for garage

    door spring. Near the Gate I put a Bee-line L bracket 3 hole.

    In the top a small garage door roller. In the bottom a bronze bushing on a shoulder bolt. I put a 3/8" eye bolt to the spring.
    Drilled 1 3/8" hole. Put conduit over spring. ran cable from other end tight to the tail gate. Isaw a EZ Gate. Like mine better.
    Cost $ 40. + time. Ed, hedlawn@hotmail
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    I built an easy gate 3 years ago. Never saw one and its almost exactly the same. Some hints. Use pulleys, large as you can get. Reason, the small radius will break down the cable faster. Use large fine strand stainless cable. It will last longer. Don't leave the gates down all night or weekend. Cable breakdown thing again. Safety cable? if the spring breaks half will stay in tube and the other half will be drawn to the two roller bracket. I would be more worried about falling gate. Inspect cables often.

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