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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by AdvancedLawns, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. AdvancedLawns

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    How would you guys go about attatching this ramp to my trailer,,nothing heavy will go up it just a 21" wb and edger...i was thinking along the lines of door hinges...but how would i get it to stand up in transit? Any thoughts? also i dont travel more than 30..thats as fast as my golf cart goes


    some metal to support it?


    also for a sign to bring around..i was thinking of some 2x4s made into Ts and plywood across it...any ideas for this? also i am not having equipment on the trailer with this sign..this is when im cruising the neighborhood and will only have the sign on there to get more clients..i appreciate it.
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    I would say that is a rather ingenious eye opener, but not quite what I would consider using.

    It might be all right for the once or twice a year trip to Home Depot now,
    do forgive me if you had not intended this for commercial use,
    because the real problem I see long-term is safety on the road.

    All it takes is one time you forget to strap that thing down...
    Believe me, with daily or frequent use this does happen.

    And you really don't need a ramp, just lift it up on there by hand.
    But again, for very light, occasional use only.
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  3. AdvancedLawns

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    um...im 15, i only use my golf cart to tow this trailer in my neighborhood...i think no ramp will be fine, ive got some 1x12x 3' that i can use
  4. AdvancedLawns

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    any other ideas?? i would also put our logo and name on the back of the ramp
  5. South Florida Lawns

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    what do you mean other ideas? You just told us that not using a ramp will be fine. Call this a dumb idea or what ever but make a handle for the trailer so you could use it as a heavy duty cart as well and you can manuver it to hitch up to your golf cart. then again you are 15 so you might not be able to move the thing with a bunch of weight on it.

    Maybe add some stake pockets and removable sides. Use cedar its light and strong.

    I had a cart for my 21 and tools back when I was 10 or 11 it worked out great for my neighborhood.

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