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    now that fall is only days away....and rain will begin to fall daily,( i got my power reel sharpened and primed)- with crappy weather days away- trailers are out. i use ramps and drive just truck with reels and billy goat....i have been on fuller ramps which are starting to get beat after a season.....what ramps do others use? and for how long have you deployed them?
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    My neighbor was a handy one to have when I needed something made. He was great with metal. I don't remember if I used 8' or 10' but I got two pieces of quality pressure treated lumber and figured out what angle the lips needed to be to lay flat on my flatbed. He bent me two pieces of steel and made a sleeve to bolt them on. Then he made me two sleeves for the bottom so the wood didn't splinter. They were basically like those rampart kits you can buy in the hardware store, but free! :) I think Stone has a contact for some fancy fold down ramps or something like that.

    Be careful, it's going to get slippery when it rains!! :)

    We don't want too many funny fell off the ramp stories this fall!!!

  3. richard2

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    nice ramp link.....thanks....have you used them, and for how long?
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    How much do they run?
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    I bought a pair of Rampart ends many years ago and applied them to two 7 1/2 foot lengths of 2x8 which I salvaged from the landfill, and tacked to them two strips of expanded mesh, like the gates on your trailer, once again salvaged from the landfill. They serve me well when I need to transport a machine in the truck, and also for the 8hp snowblower during heavy storms.

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