double e

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lewes, delaware
I have a chevy 3500 dump truck that I am looking for a set of ramps.
My goal is to be able to load two walk behind Torro's on the back without a trailer. I live in a summer resort area- it is a pain pulling a 16' trailer around (and I worry about my help when there out)

The bed is a good 4ft. high, so I need long ramps for small incline. I'm thinking of trying to buy those ramps off of u-haul trucks there heavy duty. Does any one know where to order some ramps- catalogs? I've tried 2x16 with a ramp kit. I can get the mower up but its a pain to get down.


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I think lawrence had a web address for a folding gate that attaches to the truck.


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central Maine
How about shorter ramp and a winch setup? Could make it manual or electric. When not in use, it would take up a minimum of space.



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There are several contractors in our area who use ramps to load/unload equip out of stakebodies. Their guys are always grippin' about slipping and falling when the ramps become wet.

Some have paint with sand mixed on the front and others use treads.

I say use a gate type set up. This will give more running room and lesson the probability of a fall because the gradiant wont be as steep.

Hope this helps.

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Pauls Mowing

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Sioux Falls, SD
I've got a C-3500 with a stake dump bed. I use a pair of 2x6's, 6' long for ramps. I cut expanded metal about 5"x 48" and nailed it to the ramps with U-shaped fencing nails. Works great, no slipping. Just be careful backing down. Snowblower and w/b go right up and back down.



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baltimore, md
Double e you might want to check with a local weld shop. My buddy does this exact kind of thing, people stop in looking for things and he takes scrap aluminum and tigs away to build them there ramps. He gets rid of otherwise scrap and you get a bargain!!! Think about it, then again some people are just fixed on ordering from a catalog. Just a thought.