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Ramrod vs. Toro Dingo etc.


Yardley, PA.
Curious who has experience with the Ramrod mini skids?

I was looking at their site and saw several interesting things that would make it appealing (perhaps even more appealing then say... a Dingo?).

If I'm reading the specs right, it looks like it has an operating capacity greater then Dingo.

And several more attachments including a few that I think could be really beneficial.

1. A "High Reach Bucket" that has a dump height of 72" !!. I really like that one. Be great for dumping over side of trailer or pick up truck bed. Maybe even full size dump trucks (not sure of their height?).

2. A HUGE mulch bucket! 10 cu.yds! With mesh back to see through. Like that one a lot too. Who needs a wheel barrow?!.LOL!

3. A Grated bucket for sifting out rock etc.

4. A Mini Dipper. I could really see that one being handy, and probably a LOT less $$ then a full backhoe attachment.

5. A paving stone carrier. Perfect if you do a lot of hardscaping.

6. A loose material handler. Might be good for moving large amounts of cut down brush and heavy bushes that were ripped out, etc.

7. A tree spade (only fits their largest model though).

Unfortunately, no stump grinder though. Would probably like to have that option at least.

Not sure how they compare in price to the other mini skids on the market. Anyone know?

Anyway, here's their website for those interested:



LawnSite Silver Member
I havent heard good things about the Ramrods quality. I spoke to another member whos company owned one and suposidly it was one problem after another...major problems too. Not sure how they compare in price though.


Yardley, PA.
I don't suppose the attachements would be interchangable from Ramrod to Dingo?

That is what I liked about it most, was the attachments. Especially the high lift bucket, the huge mulch bucket, and the mini dipper.
I could see those being especially handy.


LawnSite Bronze Member
I might be renting one in a few weeks. Thanks for the link.

It will be between the dingo or ramrod, depends on price.


LawnSite Silver Member
Might I suggest also looking at the kanga mini loader. I ran the toro dingo and the kanga mini loader. The kanga is a much better machine than both the ramrod or toro. But the attachments are not interchangeable. The kanga backhoe smokes the toro one.

Also don't forget the bobcat, ditch witch, gravely(kanga in different paint), etc. There are a lot of companies who now build them. But kanga was the first.

D Felix

LawnSite Bronze Member
I'm not sure who actually started building them, but Kanga and Toro were one in the same at one point in the early stages. The split up, and now are two different companies... But that really doesn't matter for this thread.

Everyone is making the mini-loaders now. Well, just about everyone. Deere isn't and won't, haven't seen one from Case yet either. But just about everyone is making them. Demo, demo, demo before you buy!



LawnSite Member
I may just be lucky, the Ramrod Taskmaster 900T that I bought in 1996 was when everything was just getting started with mini loaders. I think I was probally the first person in the southeast who owned one and I sure got my share of laughts. But now no one is laughing. I still have the same ramrod today and have had no problems with it but I also take really good care of it and only use it one the average of 5 to 6 hours a week. When I first got it Ramrod replaced the drive units for free because of an lack of drive power problem, since then it has been fine. I see that allot of people on this site have had many problems with their Ramrods. I am new to this site and hate to here about these problems. My machine was one of the first Ramrod 900T's made and it worries me that maybe Ramrod has fallen somewhat behind in the quality and design field in light of the many negitive posts that I see here....I hope not...if you own a Ramrod I would like to know what you think.......I also would like to here from someone who ownes a Finn.

thank you,