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Out mowing today and ran into a guy that has a five year old eXmark Lazer Z with a 60?" deck that he wants to sale for $1000.00 and on condition that I mow his yard for free this summer. 100% Dealer serviced with the papers to show the proof. His son had bought it new for him. But he never could get the hang of the controls and did not use it much. So his son bought him a new Cub Cadet this year and told Pops to sale the Lazer for what ever he thought it was worth.

I was pressed for time and just had a few minutes to look at it. It looks good and started right up when we tried it. I backed it out of the garage and hit the blade switch and everything seemed fine. Drove it to the end of his drive, back and parked it back in his garage. The controls were tight and smooth. The only thing that I saw was the exhaust "HOT" cover was missing (broken off).

I am going back in the morning to pick it up. He knows that I mow a lot and said that I could take and try it for a week before I decide to buy. I will give him a $500.00 deposit on it. In case that I damage it some way or decide to buy it out right.

I wish that I could run into such deals everyday. I would quit mowing for a pass time and go into the used mower business..

I will get some pics of it when I pick it up and try it out for day. It is suppose to start raining here in the morning and all of my mowing is caught up.. :blob3: So it may be Monday or Tuesday before i start back up again.
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