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Does anyone know what size engine comes in the 1984 ford ranger?is it a decent engine?hard to rebuild.
Before the comments start,it won`t be used to pull anything.I`m going to put a stake bed on it and use it for plant hauling.It came free,so I`m not losing a thing.thanks,


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I'm a Chevy man at heart..but i think i know the answer to your question as far as the engine sizes go. If i remember correctly, the 84 Rangers had 2.3 liter 4 cylinders, and as far as the V6's go, they were 2.8 liters..which they later bored out to a 2.9 V6 around '86 or so.

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if it is a v-6 than dont even think of it...i worked for a large engine builder for 10 years untill two years ago when i got into lawn care....that is one of the worst motors ever,the heads always crack..and when they do you wont find another,we had to have heads built for us in India just so we could keep up.