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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by sms8921, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. sms8921

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    I have 94 ford ranger ext. cab with the 3.0 v6 5-speed transmission. I currently want to expand to a 5x10 or 6x12 trailer. I have a 5x8 now and only need to haul my jd 48" w/b a 22"w/b and your normal trimmer and blower but they are on racks. My issue is this truck wont get out of its own way with this trailer on, unless im running above 3000 rpms. Starting out is terrible, especially on hills. I see guys on here using rangers with 6x12 and 5x10 trailers with big heavy ztr's on them. Does anyone have an idea why this truck is a dog? Its paid for and in great shape. And it gets 20mpg towing anywhere, I just need more power. P.S. has 3.73 gears in it and I think stock tires.
  2. sms8921

    sms8921 LawnSite Member
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    btw my gross trailer weight towing capacity is 2200lbs, Im at 1100lbs now. So Help Please lol!!!

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    When was the last time the fuel filter was changed?
    Are your drum brakes dragging?
    Is your clutch slipping?
  4. Patriot Services

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    Check the trailer bearings. Try a tank of premium. The computer pulls timing back if it starts pinging, that can kill the power quick.
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  5. sms8921

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    I will try the premium gas, drums are free just checked that this week, fuel filter was changed about 5000 miles ago but was just as bad after i changed it. The clutch will make a sqealing sound sometimes when starting out, my dad said it could be the throw out bearing. Its weird, mechanics told me its probably cause of the 3.73 gears but why does my owners manual say it can tow 2200lbs idk......
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  6. dieseltech

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    Just because your manual says it will tow 2200lbs doesnt mean that it will tow it without restriction especially being 15 years old.
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  7. bobcat_ron

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    Drop the ratio down to 4.10, it's a nice balance of towing performance with out sacrificing highway speeds.
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  8. unkownfl

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    Its a 3.0 so check the ignition timing. Also, make sure that its advancing properly. There is a small pill shaped connector usually by the distributor you need to pull out to set base timing. My old 3.0 pulled my 3000lbs boat easy. It wasn't fast but it had zero issues pulling it out of the water on a wet steep ramp. Autos also pull easier than sticks. You will have to ride the clutch were an auto can slip the convertor and you never notice it.
  9. hosejockey2002

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    You have a manual transmission which has a pretty tall first gear ratio, and you have a fairly small engine. I used to have an Explorer of about the same year with the much stronger 4.0 and a manual transmission, and while it did OK once you got rolling it too was terrible to get a load moving. I would imagine that most Rangers you see towing have the 4.0 and an automatic, which tows 3500-4000 lbs. fairly well.
  10. Turf Commando

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    I had a 92 ranger 3.0 v6 automatic gutless pulling my 6x12 and ferris 48'' wb..
    Fixed problem by going to f150 v8 no problem pulling anymore.

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