Ransome or Ransom 72" Diesel

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by hankovitch, Jun 20, 2006.

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    I am looking at the possibility of purchasing a Ransome (Ransom?), 3 cylinder 25 hp Diesel mower, 72" deck, ~1,000 hours.....anyone out there make some recommendations on price to pay, why to purchase it or why not, better alternatives, your experience with same/similar mower....thanks, Hankovitch
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    That machine, if it has the Yanmar engine, is underpowered with only a 25hp diesel on a 72" deck. I demoed one a few years ago. If it is the one with the Yanmar diesel, you will need to double up on hearing protection, and never crank it up before about 8:00 in the morning. The one I tried would wake the dead from 2 miles away.
  3. lars

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    I would say that the Ransomes is an good, but not great machine. The deck feets a bit heavy and can dig a bit. I can't say much about the traction unit other than it looks like standard faire. I think the Toro 325/345/328/72 is a much better machine. The deck floats much better and the traction unit is bulletproof. I would also look into the Kubota unit. It seems to be a pretty soild machine.

    As far as alternatives go, a ZTR is probably a better machine. A 72" ZTR will outmow an out-front and is less costly . However, the out-front is built a little heavier. You can easily run one for 4000-5000 hours.

    Here are a few machines I found:
    2002 Jacobsen 628 (same machine) $8,900
    2000 Ransomes 728 (700 hrs) $6,000
    Ransomes 728 (621 hrs) $7,500
    Jacobsen 628 (414 hrs) $8,500

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