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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Bobbo, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. Bobbo

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    I have a Ransomes Bobcat T3100 with a Kohler 20hp motor. I cannot seem to find any parts for this model. I am particularly looking for a new gas tank because the clear version (or semi-clear) seems to cause the gasoline to cause particles or something due to the sunlight entering the gas tank. I would replace with a new one of any color but I can't seem to find one anywhere, or parts in particular for the ransome line. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Restrorob

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    Well Bob, I spent over a hour last night trying to find something on your unit also and came up empty handed, Although I did run across the link below they may be able to help you or direct you to somebody who can.
    Lots of luck
  3. Bobbo

    Bobbo LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the info but no help there. I called some of the sites and no one seems to know what a bobcat is (other than an animal). So I guess I'll have to make some modifications or something. Too bad, this is a great machine but i'm getting rid of it since I can't get service or anything done. Any bids?????

  4. lawnmaniac883

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    Why not paint the tank? Sand with a 40 grit to rough it up, then use a flat engine enamel or something?
  5. Restrorob

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    Thats a good idea, Use some Duplicolor automotive vinyl paint that can be bought at Walmart.
  6. Bobbo

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    I thought about that but now I think the plastic or something is breaking down inside the tank causing the fuel to gunk up the fuel pump and carbuerator. What's really strange is that I can go out in the morning and the thing runs good for about 15 minutes. I guess I can mow for 15 minutes each day and then get the job done in about a week. Thanks for the posts. I think I may have found a source locally for some parts. Hopefully so and when I get this thing fixed it goes on the auction block.
  7. scholzee

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  8. csd74

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    check your rubber hose coming off the tank to make sure she's not breaking down some hoses over time internally break down.:usflag:

    CHAMPION TURF LawnSite Member
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    Call 1-800-848-1636 Then Ext 2 Then Press 3 Then 1 That Will Take You To Textron Parts Help Desk
  10. mwhaught

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    Just in case this may help someone down the road:

    I found this older thread in trying to obtain information on a Bob-Cat T3100 that I have just purchased. I discovered that there have been a few company mergers/acquisitions since this thread was active. In case anyone is looking, the most current location to obtain dealer locations, operators manuals, parts manuals, deck manuals is: http://www.schillergc.com/

    They were very helpful and emailed me PDFs of the above three manuals.

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