Ransomes Frontline 728D

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Groves, Jun 16, 2007.

  1. Groves

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    I may be able to get a Ransomes 728D at an auction. I don't know how old it is yet, or the hours.

    Were these good machines even when new? Any typical bugaboos on these models that I should be aware of? The auction bill says it comes with a cab, snowblade and snow blower, too. Are these Ransomes add-ons or something else altogether.

    Impossible to know what I should pay for it, because neither you nor I know the condition, but what does a well maintained, probably high hours machine go for like this in your neck of the woods?


  2. MJB

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    I tried to do a search but could only find info on them in Europe/ no pics. I thought Ransomes and Bobcat were the same. I had a friend who bought 2 Ransomes zero turns in the mid to late 90"s because the dealer could not sell them. Turned out they would break down constantly he had to use 1 for parts. They looked like a great machine but had many flaws. I wish I could remember the model #. So do your homework parts and service wise. They could be a nightmare if it's like the ones my friend bought.
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    Here is a link to one. This is the same type of machine that I first learned on. I rode one everyday for several hours a day. The one that I rode was a 60" cut and an extrememly high powered motor. They were powered by the Continental R engines...the same motor they were usng in the Buick Skyhawks and the Chevettes at the time. They were good machines, but this machine is pretty different. The deck raising system looks rather crude. It is hanging by two exposed extended springs. Also, this machine is 4WD...the ones we had, weren't. Do NOT expect a cut like you get out of todays ZTRs. These things were shft driven and never had the blade tip speed as todays mowers.
  4. Groves

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    I'd for sure like the link, but the one I'm looking at is a diesel, I'm pretty sure. They did come in 2wd and 4wd models, I think.
  5. Runner

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  6. cantoo

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    I had one preety much the same as the one runner posted except for whatever that crap is hanging off the front deck wheels. Mine worked gret for the time we had it. I built a 5' front mounted sweeper to do gravel off lawns. We used it to cut soccer fields and our own field. Blades were not real problem just measure them and match up at J Thomas. Parts were easy to get here Duke Equipment handles the parts here in Ontario, I'm sure you will have no problems. I never needed anything other than blades for the few years I had it. I used it for several years and still sold it for a good profit. The guy I sold it to is still using it and hasn't done anything other than blades. Lots of schools still use them here. Ransomes = Bobcat parts.

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