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  1. jaguar4000

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    just curious if anybody out there is running some old Ransomes equipment and running into problems w/ parts. RANSOMES was bought out a few years back by Jacobsen and now getting parts is a bear. Yeh you can get them but you get raped in the process. My local dealer cannot even beleive the pricing of these parts. Just got a quote for a new rear axle and spindles- 1,400 for the parts. Drive shaft went out a few years ago- Ransomes part was $500- my dealer got it rebuilt for $80. This stinks because my machine is solid -built like a tank and has a diesel enginew/ alot of life left in it. Any feedback appreciated.
  2. NCLawnMedic

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    I get all of my mower parts from J Thomas. There prices are the lowest I can find in my area. If any one know of any where prices are lower, please let me know.

  3. jaguar4000

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    thanks NCLawn- checked out their website and found that they carry Bobcat-Ransomes parts and looks like they carry the parts I may need for my Ransomes frontrunner tractor. Just got to give them a call now and check for sure. Thanks again! - Tim

    Ransomes 60" front deck w/ 23 mitsubishi diesel
    Kubota bx2200 w/ loader
    Kubota rtv 9000
    Shindaiwa 14"" chainsaw
    Echo pole saw
    Echo blower
    Echo trimmer
    Echo edger
    Echo earth auger -10" bit
  4. sdwally

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    Yep they are charging way to much and the cost just keeps going up. We have 7 gang Ransome mowers. We have a few more years left before we can replace them.
    A few months ago we had a part that they were charging about $35 for. Order some more in and price went up to $218! Sent they back and did some searching, found identical part for $3.50! Contact our dealer about this, just to vent some. Two days later I received a call from a Jacobsen engineer wanting to know were I found the replacement part. Told him and now they charge only about $18 for the part. They sourced out the part from the vendor I found. Kinda funny isn't it?
  5. jpcash

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    I have an opportunity to purchase a Ransomes Jaguar 4000. Can anyone tell me about this machine. The gentleman who owns it is asking $500.00. Is this a good price. The only thing wrong with it is it needs a new electric clutch for the pto. Around $250 to $350 for the clutch.

    Other than the clutch it seems to be in good shape. It has about 800 hours on meter and was used only to cut the grass at a cemetery.

    Just was wondering if anyone has any input or can tell me anything about the Ransomes Jaguar 4000. Any literature, parts etc.

    Thanks for your time
  6. palm boy

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    jp- I have a Ransomes Jaguar 4000 23 diesel Mitsubishi w 60" deck, an 89' or 90' model w, just under 2,000 hrs. It has been an awesome machine and was maybe the best front runner ever built for lawns. Here in central Florida many people bought the John Deere 935 I beleive it was. Now some 13-15 yrs later you never see one, but you do see these Jaguars still in use from time to time. Back when I was in the lco biz I would say that you would see 1 Ransomes Jag for every 15 John Deere front runners. We looked hard at he Deere, but went with Ransomes b/c it looked to be a better built machine. Now we know it was a great decision! I knew many people personally that ran these John Deere front runners and the machines were worn out after 2-3 years.
    Yes parts can be a little of a problem but we have been able to resolve every issue (and there have not been many) that has come our way. We did just do the rear axle thing early this year and the price ended up being much less than initially quoted. We figured $1,100 or so was worth it based on the excellant condition of our machine. Ended up being somewhere around $900 I think.
    We did have the radiator rebuilt a few years ago and also had to replace the ignition switch. We ended up finding an ignition switch that matched up to the wiring friom a local diesel machine shop. About 10 yrs ago the deck drive shaft went out. Ransomes wanted $500 for a new one- we got ours rebuilt for less than $100. As far as the engine goes, the mitsubishi has bever given us any probs. Runs as strong as 15 yrs ago and does not smoke.
    Anyways they are great machines and give a great cut. Wish they still made these!!! We would grab another today if so. Being it is an older machine $500 is a fair price and maybe you can get em down a little bit.
    Hope this helps! Good luck!
  7. topsites

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    I have not found prices LOWER than J-thomas BUT I find J-thomas is not LOWER than any prices I can get right here in town, even from the stealership... I mean you gotta give me at least a 20% discount off straight dealer prices before I even start to get excited and I don't even see 5 or 10 % ...
    There were a FEW items (like 2 or 3 in the entire catalog) which APPEAR to be slightly cheaper than right up the road but other than that, the ONLY thing I can see is great about J-thomas is it's about as close to 1-stop shopping as you can get, their selection IS impressive.
  8. jpcash

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    Can anyone tell me the part number for the electric clutch on the Ransomes Jaguar. I believe it is manufactured by Ogura. Is there an aftermarket or universal clutch that I could use? Or should I stick with the original clutch?
    Better yet does anyone have a clutch, for a Ransomes Jaguar, they want to sell?
  9. cantoo

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    Some parts are interchangle with Steiner and other common sense made machines. They are made with off the shelf parts. Sometimes if you take the old part to a good Dealer they can match it up.
  10. bobinrv

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    I have a Jaguar 4000 w/1970 hours on the engine and it runs great but my PTO gearbox and pulley assembly needs replacing. Any ideas?
    Bob Hudson
    571 241 9651

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