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Just wanted to rant and rave for a moment. I have a question for some of you guys. First for the guys who complain about low - ballers. According to some of you, just because I don't have a million dollar a year payroll, don't have a hundred grand shop, three hundred grand tied up in truck and equipment payments and various other costs to recoup so I can do a job cheaper than you that makes me a lowballin scumbag. Sounds to me like I'm just making good business sense.
Secondly, all of you who complain about pita customers. Look at who they are, old people, divorced people or middle aged single rich people. What do these people have in common. They all suffer the same disease. ABLIY. So quit yer bitchin take their money and in the words of the great Chris Jericho please just shut the hell up.
I do appologize if I offended anyone but just needed to rant & rave


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#1 - can you say, "Bad Day?"

#2 - will you please tell me what "ABLIY" is?

#3 - sounds to me like someone needs to have a Miller Moment. Whew - i don't know WHO stirred your pot, but it is fun to watch. :p

:cool: relax, it's all good bud.


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Miller Moment?
Nah, sounds more like a bobbygedd 30 pack to me!

Chill out, sit back, relax and enjoy the bantering that's called the internet forum. It gets to be fun after you stop taking it personal and just take it with a grain of.....No,make that a bag of rock salt!LOL.


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Lawnsite is a great place to complain without offending anybody directly. Take it from me- a former really-bad lowballer/scrub!


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I come in under alot (its called healthy competiotion). Thats how buisness works and some can't hack it. Some people are under the impresion that if they are more expencive their more profesional and the smart people that have set their biz up to be competetive with no cut on qaulity are "Lowballers". Mabey their P&L is a load of crap and their getting scared.

Life goes on though. If your taking biz from the guys that complain about it............don't let it bother you. You've already won .
Get a beer around ya laughing gear and take a few Deep breaths mate.


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Let's all get along:cool2:

Scrub: No overhead, does a $35 job for 20.

Good business man: Low overhead, does a $35 job for $33 and buys a 30 inch plastic rake to collect all thepayup


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Hardwick, MA
I deal with low-ballers all the time. Usually somebody with no insurance, and no clue how to properly do the job anyhow- guys who gaff on prune-jobs, show up with a station wagon to haul the brush and wood away. I don't worry about them, because they might have gotten THIS job, but they won't be gettin' much more.

Example: A 50' tall norway maple next to a fence. Half-dead, one lead gone already. I bid it at $500, including the stump.

Well, the lasy had some hack (who shall remain nameless) do it for $300. They squashed $100 worth of stockade fence, wrecked $200 worth of siding, panicked, left all the wood and brush without getting paid. No insurance, no recourse.

Do you think THEY'LL be getting a good referance?


Don't sweat it.

FWIW, not everyone who comes under me (or you) in necessarily a "scrub". Some guys have less cost for other reasons (working out of their house, etc) and may just not need or want to make as much $.

Norm Al

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LOWBALLERS? why would anybody get upset with somebody who is now doing the same thing that the person who is getting mad did years earlier?
if you mow you are a lowballer sometime,,,thats how work is gotten in this industry! MOST OF THE TIME!


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Lowballers are my greatest generator of future customers. They come in screw it up in 6 months and then the customer realizes they need a pro to come in and fix it.


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Kitty Hawk, NC
I do not use the term "low baller". I will use the term SCRUB when appropriate. If you show up to a job toting your mower in the back or you broken down truck along side your Poulan weedeater that doubles as an edger wearing a HardRock Cafe T Shirt then you are a SCRUB. Overhead has nothing to do with it. Portraying a professional image does.

JMO...your mileage may vary! :D