Rant so apparently my client has money to blow...

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by KG26, Oct 10, 2013.

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    So one of my clients has a company they use for fall clean ups, and weeding. Why they use this company I am not sure. If you would like a service done inquire about it, as I am sure I have told you I provide the same service. I'm not up set with this other companies workers they are fine the two times I have had the chance to speak with them they have been cool. My issue is with the home owner Don't ask me to do the job you are paying them for. This is client #2 Im not crazy about. #1 is I want to watch you while you work.... is this normal?
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    Actually you are complaining. Your customer can hirer anyone he or she wants to. Your in business for yourself to serve your needs and your customers. It is completely normal for any customer to watch you work.
    I believe you should stay focused on improving your own business. Offer your opinion or make a suggestion if you think it will help persuade your customer to come around to your point of view, that's called salesmanship. Otherwise press on. You will have far more important matters you will encounter in time that for the most part experience will prove your best solution.
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    You are selected deemed on the services needed by the customer. Some choose the "single source" method which is what I thrive on, while others choose multiple contractors for whatever reason. I have one account that spends 20k in annual color with me, yet has a weed control service and a seperate mowing service from 2 other contractors: that's 3 total just for landscaping/lawn. All are services I provide.
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    Be good to the client. That weeding has gotten the other guys foot in the door. Don't be surprised if they are shooting for your part just like you are thinking about theres
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    We have had the same problem. Customer who we do maintenance etc. for hires another local guy for "other" work. It is very annoying as I have had the conversation with our customer multiple times as that we provide all landscaping services.
    But the reality of it is they are free to choose. We simply do the best we can so we don't land up replaced!
    Keep your cool and keep moving forward.
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  6. KG26

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    UPDATE: I worked on my value add, we now handle all of their needs, and have been for the last few years.
  7. snow_mower

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    That's good news. How did you do it?
  8. KG26

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    Spent a lot of time doing some fact finding, and re stating that our company is fully capable of servicing their needs. Turns out the only reason why She went with the group the second year is because they had done some professional services bartering kind of deal. The first year she thought we were summer only. Not quite sure how that could be I told her we did fall clean ups. After the second year she is pleased with the level of service we provide and we still take care of her needs to this day.
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    Its funny how people look at things. I have this exact same scenario but it doesn't bother me in the least. Its my weekly mow client that hires another company (also lady owned) for gardening services. Once a month the other business is there as I mow and the other business owner gives me the dirtiest looks. It makes me smile the whole time. Going on year three now and nothing has changed.

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