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RAPTOR Mulch Blades

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Tonyr, Jun 11, 2004.

  1. Tonyr

    Tonyr LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,973

    Here is a pic of 'RAPTOR' blades to fit my Toro Z588E.

    They are a mulching blade, never used them before so I'll give feedback ...I will be using them now for side discharging to hopefully get smaller than usual clippings.

  2. Tonyr

    Tonyr LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,973

    Just another shot, sorry it wasn't much good, trying to show lift..

  3. Tonyr

    Tonyr LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,973

    OK, Mowed a couple of very large lawns this arvo, trash grass, with my Toro, I closed the flow baffle up 3/4 was cutting 2+ inches off, these raptors with this deck set up for me discharged very much smaller than average clippings, these are mulch blades being used for side discharging with the aim to get small clippings discharged, the grass was dewey all day and what I was leaving was mulch grade, seem to inject more into the grass than other blades too.

    Extremely neat cut, very happy with them, great stripes even in the much I was cutting.

    Areas that were very heavy and thick I went over twice, you would think it was bagged!

    Very Impressed!!

    Thanks John G. for suggesting these, great find!
    I'll buy you a beer!

    I ordered the exmark mulcher to compare, damn things are 3'' wide, Toro blade saddles and blades are 2.5'' wide, bummer. cost me a 100 bucks OZ dollars too!

    So there ya go guys, something else to try this year, RAPTOR Mulch blades, from the Stens Corp. or ask your dealer.
  4. LT01

    LT01 LawnSite Member
    from MD
    Messages: 11

    Ordered mine Tuesday and the dealer called yesterday to say their in. I'll pick them up today and use them tomorrow. I'll let you know how I they work on our Ferris. I got the tip from Lman1 who is using them on his IS4000 and said they work great for him.
  5. impactlandscaping

    impactlandscaping LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,332

    Good on ya, mate! We've been using them for two years and love 'em. Best blades I have tried , IMO. My dealer had never carried them, so he ordered a case for us to split last year. I am going to try them under my new Standers if they have em to fit(haven't checked yet)..nice how the clippings are so much finer, huh?

    FERT-TEK LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,035

    Although you probably dont need doubles with that setup have you tried it, how have they performed? Also, how far is the deck throwing those clippings?
  7. laborador

    laborador LawnSite Member
    Messages: 148

    what is the website for the Stens Corp. THanks
  8. LT01

    LT01 LawnSite Member
    from MD
    Messages: 11

    www.Stens.com. You cannot buy direct from them you need to buy them through a local dealer.
  9. Tonyr

    Tonyr LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,973

    LT01: I'm sure you will be impressed! Not quite as thick as my Toro blades, but look to be quality built and painted unlike a lot nowadays. I like the Exmark blade a lot, but won't fit my spindle saddles, might be another option for you blokes though...

    impactlandscaping: G'Day mate! I thought the Toro Atomics and Toro Recycles did a pretty good job, but the Atomics streak I think due to no lift at the end of the blade, the Recycles are very good, but don't chop clippings even comparable to RAPTORS, kinda surprising really, you would think the most difference would be when using a mulch kit, but side discharging with a closed flow baffle can kinda similate that to some degree, for me, we cut shorter here too so it's hard to hide clippings, not a problem now lol. I really wish I took a pic of the clipping size for yas, I can on Tuesday if anyone wants? Let me know.
    Hey, great to hear from ya mate, been awhile!

    FLC Dave: Doubles down in the deeep south here in Oztralia aren't used, specially here in the north. We cut shorter than you guys so not really needed...
    The turbo force deck closed or semi closed like I had with these blades I'd guess it could of been aprox. 8ft, maybe even 10 which is mainly air flow and dust n stuff. With standard highlifts the distance on this grass is usually 12 ft. because of this the finish is neat but clippings are normal, I want small clipping spread even over a shorter distance, think I've found a solution.

    Double Raptors....I'd love to know how they go!
    Be awesome I think!
    In our currency I could never justify the expense. $100, lot of money.

    laborador: LT01 is correct, on their site as you probably know by now you can do a dealer search, or ask Stens, they are very good at fast service, found me a dealer even down here in Oztralia, same day reply too. Good luck!
  10. LawnScapers of Dayton

    LawnScapers of Dayton LawnSite Silver Member
    Male, from Dayton, OH
    Messages: 2,572

    Where are you guys buying the Raptors from?


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