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Raptors vs Gators


LawnSite Senior Member
Greenville, SC
I've used gator mulching blades for years with decent success. I came across "Raptor" blades on ebay with run about $4.00 higher per blade than gators from the same seller. Is the performance $4 better? Your opinion of the Raptors will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


LawnSite Bronze Member
I prefer Raptors, much better!

like any mulch blade though, not great in the wet, on dry grass a raptor even used on a side discharge deck will discharge smaller clippings than a gator, I believe raptors leave a 'cleaner' cut.

I was using them on my Toro Z588E.....my favourite allrounder blade!

They even work great on my rear discharge deere.


LawnSite Member
Clear Spring, MD
Tonyr put me onto the Raptors last year. On top of high lifts they will suck the drivers license out of your wallet. Very small clippings, great in leaves. They are definitely worth the try.