Rash of trailer theft in Louisville, KY.

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by Picketts Lawn Service, Apr 6, 2009.

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    As alot of you know theft is on the rise. Well I found this out the hard way. Over the weekend I kept my trailer parked at Valley Chiropractic Center in L-ville KY. This trailer was locked, chained, and behind a coded electronic gate. Safe right, WRONG! The trailer was loaded with 150 bags of Cedar Royal mulch.

    The trailer was fitted with gate lifters, 3x tripper trap, and one blower holder. It was a 16' x 6' red superior trailer with led lights. It had a 2' x 2' sign that was red on white with this logo on it. The jack had been relocated 1 foot behind stock jack positions with the initials PLS welded onto that crossmember.


    Police reports have been filed. But I am asking fellow members to help as well. Feel free to contact me via pm, email, or at 502-594-2443.

    Joshua Pickett
  2. derbydon

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    Sorry to hear that. I'll watch for it. In Southend all week.

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    copy that I'll keep my eye out thats one of my areas of operation. sadly a red trailer caught my attention one day of recent. i like the red and green look and say one does it have the low car trailer type railing. i'll look it up so as to know what to look for. also keep an eye on craigslist for a sale i will do the same
  4. jpickett

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    I know this is old, but wanted to let yall know. I did get that trailer back after 6 months of looking for it. Supprise suprise the cops found in on lees lane and putmans ave. But the interesting thing is three years later the guys that stole it are just now having to pay restitution for the theft. Oh and its only half of the $$$ I was out. But Ill take it.
  5. crazymike

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    Did you not have insurance?
  6. jvanvliet

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    An "economic crime", feel better? Dirty S-bags.

    Wish we could shoot them the way we used to shoot cattle rustlers.

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