Rat or competitor?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by crew, Nov 21, 2001.

  1. Randy Scott

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    I know some of you will disagree with me, but this is exactly why I don't socialize with other people in this trade. First off, I don't have time, secondly, you tried to be the nice guy and help this guy out by trying to give him advice. Screw him, let him learn on his own. Now it's eating you up inside that he's not legit. The less you know the better off you are. I have talked a couple times only this year to other LCO's. It was brief and that was all. I wave when the opportunity rises otherwise I don't care at all to be buddies. People talk about how it's good to be friends in case you need some help or whatever. I'm trying to be self sufficient and if I ever run into a problem I'll deal with it then.
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    grassmaster, do u really help your direct competition to "make all the money they can"? im all for being friendly and all, but i have to draw the line. i mean, this spring i picked up a new customer in an area where ive never worked, the properties in this neighborhood(real bad soil) have a history of crappy lawns, after seeing how well my clients lawn looked this season even through what was a very rough season in my area for lawns, 5 of the neighbors booted their service and contracted me for next season( at pretty high fees) . i dont tell my direct competition too much.
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    Nice Flowering Kale, groundsguy.
  4. Since the turn the guy in thing was descussed before, I will say you forgot to call him a SCRUB
  5. I agree with grassmaster and besides he just might get in big trouble when one of those uninsured workers get hurt on the job .
    he doesnt know how big of a chance hes takeing not have workers comp.
  6. crew

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    Godfather - I did not want to pick the old "scrub scab" but a spade IS a spade.!!!

    You are all right and Im glad to see you all feel the same. I know lots of guys like this are around and I know lots of people cheat at many things, but every so often it pisses me off and i feel like making one of them hurt.
    I really hope the guy gets his. I just hope he doesnt take mine first!!

    On the issue of "fraternizing'; I will continue to be kind and helpful to others who are the same. I have some bad karma from my youth that may or may not be repaid just yet. Also, there are some really good people in this buisness and good people are becoming harder to find.
  7. Crew, I have many other LCO's on my phone list and my direct connect (Nextel Phone). We chat, BS, corespond, help each other out, ETC....

    One of them runs 3 crews and is a complete scub, but he in not a bad person.

    One is solo.

    The others run 2 to 30 crews.

    It's amaizing how we each help each other.

    Just today I was asked to do some plow work for one that does not plow in the area that he picked up those accounts in, but I do.
    If a lot of guys would just work together they would get a lot futher ahead than if they were to do it by them selves.

    That's part of what this site is all about.
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    By not paying taxes, he could be screwed by no Social Security or disability help should something happen to him.

    He could get screwed very bady if he becomes disabled or, when he retires he could have a miserable life if he did not contribute to social security or make any other provisions.

    No need to turn him in- what goes around comes around.

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    I feel the Golden Rule applies to business as well as personal life.
    I'm a little hesitant about sharing info with someone who might be a competitor, but I've noticed that the happiest people I know will give you the shirt off their back. And basically for me, happiness is goal ONE! Profits and success are somewhere after that.
    Help someone out today and tell them to pay it forward.
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    Good to hear you say that Crew! It's posts like Randy's that make newer guys feel like they can't approach them to say hi and discuss things like mowers, p.i.t.a. customers, etc.
    Not saying that to pick on ya Randy, just using your post as an example.

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