Rate and content of my fertilization


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50% is coated allegedly per siteone, no marking on the label.
That's another question. This fertilizer has iron in it per the salesmen. The label does not list any micros like iron. Is this typical?
all bags i have seen, iron would be listed sounds like the sales man dont know his stuff. seems funny you dont get no top growth unless its like a 100% coated fert, does it green up. as far as filling in most cool season grasses dont fill in very well they are just clump type grasses thats why you have to over seed.

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There's no iron, that's a perceived value that they would not leave off the label if it contained it.

You definitely need to work in overseeding if you want the lawns to fill in and thicken up quickly and you're mostly treating fescue. Even KBG is only a moderately aggressive spreader.

It is odd you're not seeing much top growth. With no recommendations from the soil test my first assumption is that it's in ideal shape, do you still have a copy?

I've treated 100 acres for the past two years with 100% XCU (polymer and sulfur coated urea) and you'll still get good top growth from it, it just reduces waste and extends the duration. Iron wouldn't be needed for top growth unless the soil is actually deficient.

It's generally not an issue with the clump grasses but have you checked how deep the thatch is on the lawns?


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My experience is that KBG is the only grass type that will trully fill in on its own. My house always has about 1/8 of it killed off by my dog come spring, give it a month and it fills back in. I didnt do this before I overseeded a few years straight w/ KBG