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Rate increase for fertilization clients?


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So the more loyal your customers the higher price they get?
No he said the newer clients are already paying a higher rate since he started them higher, so their bump doesn't need to be as high. The longer term ones had been priced lower and need a bigger jump to get to his desired price scale.
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East Central WI
I wrote a letter once when I had to raise my rates drastacally, never again. I now raise my rates a little every year. Usually .5 to 1.5 percent. I don’t mention the increase, I just have the prices listed in the quote. I am not the cheapest around nor the most expensive. You need to build a little buffer in fit an unanticipated price jump in materials. i have found the vast majority of customers want a green mostly weed free lawn at a reasonable price from a local business. If somebody wants a lower price they can find someone else. I have a very high quality fertilizer and I blanket app weeds twice a year.


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So the major consensus is this. Send the clients a letter stating that your rate for 2021 is this. If you you like to pay this then this is your prepay price. DO NOT mention an increase. It will be implied when they get there new price. Also send the letter out a few weeks before the season begins. Here in Pennsylvania it would be that last week of February. Also any SA users out there? If so how the heck do you print labels from SA? Or how to print labels from Excel as you can export clients from SA into Excel. Well I have my plan to do this. Thank you folks for all your input. I was going to do this is your price going up six percent because one i never increased prices and the price of material went way up. SO I will not do this and do that was stated above. Thanks all you guys for the information. This is why I love this site.


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I was wondering how you all approach this for your lawn care application. Clients? I haven’t ever increased prices. With that said I have to now. Prices keep going up and I don’t have a choice. So do you send a letter at the beginning of the season? I was thinking this would be the best way to go. A week before the season begins in 2021. So how do you all do it? I know I will loose a few clients. No choice though. Fert chemicals and labor continues to rise. I plan to raise rates by six percent. Any of your thoughts and input would be greatly appreciated.
letter sounds good.
I would not explain the increase just ask for it
You may lose some or need to renegotiate
I would send the letter early than usual
i would go for 10 to 15 percent
especially since not increasing yearly
I do this and have very little problems
Usually the problems were problems before the increase


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memphis tn
I haven’t been good at this either.But when we do go up I usually leave a notice on the first app. With an increase of 1.00 for front only lawns and 2 for whole lawns on the most underpriced lawns and usually not the most current or fairly priced lawns .The lawns picked up last season don’t expect an
Increase and the older”fixed income ladies” don’t receive any increase well. My system isn’t the best but that is why pricing new lawns at the upper limit helps increases not to be necessary for some time.If they’re unhappy , I let them pay for the first app at the old price and discontinue their service.

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Rochester, MN
I went up 5% this spring, with no complaints what so ever, i raised my minimum to $60. It cost $90. to have an appliance repair tech come to your home, just to look at a broken machine!
Agree my min next year going to $60-$65 5000 or under. Those small accts are more of a pain than the 10k sq footers. Frequently need to use backpacks and deal with tight areas. Need to be paid more for those.