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Gilla Gorilla

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Just wanted to see if you all could give me some feedback
on the sample door hanger I just got from the guy designing it. Give it to me straight and if you have any suggestions
then please let me know.





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That is a sweet door hanger, real catchy!
just curious though, how much is it going to cost you to print those up???
They look pretty detailed, and in my experience would cost quite a bit, but if they get the business they are worth it!
Good job on those!

Gilla Gorilla

LawnSite Senior Member
Thanks everyone. The guy that is designing them found a place
on the web called 48 hour printing that is saying $225.00 for 1000 door hangers at 3.5" by 8.5" for double sided. I would only need the one side though. That did not seem like a bad price to me from my research that I have done.

They also print business cards, 500 for $55.00 and double sided full color. Does this seem like a good price for the cards???



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Limerick, PA
very nice like it a lot , the quote 4 the printing sounds a little high getting something simmiler from minute man press 3000 4 400$ but if u get the work who cares spend $ 2 make $

John Gamba

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I got a chuckle out of it! and so wont your customers to be!
Nice Job:D


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