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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by nwlandscaping, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. nwlandscaping

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    How much do you guys charge per man hour? Not for mowing, but for cleanouts, planting, pruning, etc. My company is quite small, but we have been in the business for about 2 years. We started at $15 an hour, but now have moved up to $20.
  2. Duekster

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    gezz. double it please. From the 20 that is.

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    $60 an hour is the number a lot of guys shoot for, can vary from region to region.

    $15 or $20???? By the time you pay your expenses and taxes you could just work at a job with less stress.
  4. PerfectEarth

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    After reading around here for a while, I'll say you're gonna get a bunch of different answers with a lot of details and exceptions!! hehe. Charge what you think you're worth.

    I'm generally 50-60$ an hour labor.
  5. Lynden-Jeff

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    $40 per person per hour is generally what I run + disposal.

  6. nwlandscaping

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    Wow, it seems in this area that most charge $20 or above, but I'm liking the $40 thru $60 lol Maybe thats what I'm worth at this point. I'm still in the learning stage and we still come across things that give me a bit of a scare. What do most of you do for this wage? Is this for maintenance or installs?
  7. Sandgropher

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    Around here the adverts run from $15 per hour (i would say retired people) to $50 per hour and anywhere in between, the $50 crew are as busy as the $15 crew,,,,,,,not every bodys looking for cheap labour.

    Funny on an Aussie website there was a discussion the other day, one guy was charging $20 an hour and getting a bit of work, he put it up to $44 and people started take him serously and he got a lot more calls.

    The best way is to quote on the job, tell them it will be $300 or whatever and you can finish as fast as you like, you may get lucky and earn far more than say $50 per hour on some jobs.
  8. Wells

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    For us it depends on the project, I have different labor rates for different types of jobs. Example would be a sprinkler repair job would get billed out at $65 per hour where a tree job would be billed out at $75 per hour.
    Different services are in higher demand and can be charged out a higher rate. I'm sure the same applies in your area, you just need to find out what the going rate is for the services you offer.
  9. 1MajorTom

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    what percentage is overhead expenses? only you know what it costs to run your business. there are so many things that go into overhead, things that you might not even include if you sat down and broke everything down. there is equipment, truck(s), insurances, telephone, paper, envelopes, postage, printer inks, accountant fees, advertising fees, the list can go on an on. the FIRST thing you need to do is know what your costs are. then you can get a handle on what you should be charging. don't go by what people say here. everyone's cost of doing business is different.
  10. Duekster

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    Additionally, those two examples may have a different Workers Comp rate as well.

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