Rates and figuring costs?

Bob Shoaff

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I was wondering if anyone out there would be willing to share your hourly rates as well as what all do you take into consideration when bidding a job and how do you arrive at your figures for per man hour prices both with using equipment and not using equipment.
Thanks, Bob


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Buffalo, NY
The way that I figure the cost is I pace of the property. I also have some basic prices some are:

For Basic Lawn Service For Residence Is: $20.00 + tax this includes lawn cutting, trimming, removal of grass, clean up & edgeing.

For Commercial I charge for basic: $40.00

Then I have premier Service

Then I go up from there, you can basicly design it any way you want, but remeber you have to make fare prices to be able to beat other service compition.

I hope this helps you out if you need any other help feel free to e-mail me or visit our service website.

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