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    i ran into an old friend yesterday. she is selling, and moving south. she is tired of the high cost of living around here. her property tax, car insurence, etc, is rediculous. i once believed it was apples to apples, meaning, sure it cost more, but we make more, now i'm not so sure. she is buying a brand new home, in so carolina, for $170,000. you can't get a shack here for that amount. the property taxes will be $1,500. the homeless people here pay more than that. so let me ask you this, in your area, what do things like car insurence, liability ins, property tax cost? what is the cost of a lawn cut? my trucks are commercially insured for $1200 each. my business liability is like $1,000, including pesticide. an average lawn here, is like 4,000 sq feet, and gets mowed for about $28. my property tax on my 110x 100 sq ft lot is $3700 a year.
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    I hear everyday of more and more people leaving the East coast because of the very thing you are discussing. Example: My home: 3,000 sq ft, not that big but big enough we built 10 years ago for 165K and today is valued at 250k but you can still build a nice 3 bdrm, 2 1/2 bath, 2 car for around 180k. Bus Ins. is around $700 per year w/chem, vehicles are on separate policy. Drop gate minimum is $25.00 for that same 4000 sq ft lawn. Apps get about the same. Maybe it's about time to get outa Dodge and head south or west. Can't understand why people would prefer to live where it cost too much just because it's home. I was raised up north but when the economy hit the skids in the early 70's moved south for a better job and better cost of living. Out of 8 kids all but one moved away from the North to greener pastures. Good luck.
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    property taxes on a house, shop, and 40 acres is 500.00 a year.
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    Good thread. My wife and I discuss this all the time. We are looking to move to a larger house and it seems impossible. I'm not that far from you but we currently live in a 700 sq. ft. rowhouse, 1950's built, and the taxes are criminal. The lot is 20' by 60' and our property taxes are about 2200.00 per year. Our house appraised at 103,000. My brother lives in the suburbs of Nashville and his house is a very big ranch on 3 acres. His property taxes are 1100.00 per year and the house appraises for about 200,000. The wages are about the same as my area. We have some real soul searching to do. Matt
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    In the Baltimore area , a starter home , 1500 sq feet will cost you $ 250,000 needing work in a rough area. Property taxes would run you about $ 3200.00. There are 4 communities near me that are being built starting at $ 1 million dollars ( and they are not waterfront ) . $ !/2 million houses are the norm .
    Rates for cutting are the same as 1992 .
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    To give you a NE Ohio comparison, my house is woth about $110k on todays market, small ranch on an 80x140 lot that I paid $50k for 13 years ago. Taxes are about $1350/yr. My truck is insured commercially for around $800/yr. Liability ins. runs about $750/yr including pest. and plowing. Average lawn size I cut is probably around 10k, and my average price for cutting is $29. $170k will buy you a pretty nice house around here. For $400k you can get into something like this (current customers house for sale) http://www.realtyone.com/Property/PropertySearch.aspx?Search=New&SID=A&Address=6945 deer trail
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    Down here in FL near me, 1800 sq ft house is around 300,000k. I live in an apartment for now because we can't afford that. I wonder if i could build a successful business somewhere else. I am not sure if I could so I will stay for a while.
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    Here in Va Beach the only new house that you can buy for 300k is a townhome and they are only 1500 sq ft. I have looked in raeligh NC and you can get a new house for 120k.
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    We bought our home, new, in 1988 for $189K. Current taxes are $531/year (plus $100/yr Home Owners Association dues). Current resale value nearly $700K. No Sales Tax, lots of retirees moving in (they don't want to be bothered with lawns, they just want them to look good). Most of these retirees are coming from NY, NJ, PA, MD cities & DC . Most have plenty of $$$. There are a lot of small LCO's (1 to 3 persons) and a few large ones and I don't think any are going to starve unless thay just plain don't want to get out and work. You won't see me moving from here any time soon!
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    Central Jersey...

    In 2002 bought Cape Cod style house (1947) 4 bed, 2 full bath for $260k. Believe worth in the $375-400k range today. Our property taxes for 100x100 lot are just shy of $7k/year. My wife and I each have a car...~$1.2k for personal auto coverage and ~$500 for homeowners insurance.

    As far as the business goes...

    ~$7.5k for general liability, snow insurance rider, inland marine coverage, and one pickup truck. 1Mil per occurence and 3M aggregate. It'll go up 500 bucks next year when I have to take out another rider for 500 bucks for the pesticide applications...we currently subcontract.

    ~$12 per $100 of payroll for workmens comp

    ~1.5k for a truck registered commercially that I lease to the company.

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