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    I have been charging 36 per yard for 2 years. Some customers think this is fair some dont. My cost is 19 per yard. Also what would you discount for larger orders. 25-40 yards
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    It's a question of what are your costs? I'm assuming you're adding labor on top of the $36.00 per yard.

    Are you bidding T & M or fixed price? You'll always have some customers say they dont' like the price. If you're not getting any work - then you might want to re-evaluate.

    What's the market charging? Your prices should always be based off of your own costs - but it helps to check them against the prevailing market to make sure you're in line.

    When it comes to discounting - you have to decide how competitive you can afford to be by offering lower prices for larger quantities. For some quanity discounts may not kick in until 100 or 1,000 yards. If 10, 25 or 50 yards is right for you, decide what you can afford to discount based on the overall scope of the job/project.

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