Rates for residential mowing--19 yrs old, hrc216-fs85-bg55. Weekly cuts

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    Hey fellas, I'm 19 and have been doing lawns since I was eight or nine. This year, I started getting serious with my lawn maintenance business as university study ends early april, and I have the rest of the season in Canada to work untill september. I wanted to get some opinions from you professionals and other guys like me, to see what you think of my rates and how they compare to yours. My quality of workmanship is equivalent to or better than the large companies who have 60+ residential clients... In case you are wondering, I run around in a 1991 reg cab s10, with wodden railings on the side for packing all the grass. I use a 21' honda hrc216, stihl fs85 and a stihl bg55 blower. All my properties, I mow (including bagging the grass) edge horizontally and vertically and blow the concrete and walkways free of clippings. No I am not insured, and no I currently do not collect sales tax. I am doing this to make money for school and to save $ up over time for when fly the nest. All my lawns I maintain are nice properties, as I have only given estimates to those who water and maintain their yard frequently. In turn this results in is less wear and tear on my equipment, saving me from the homeowners who want there **** lawn mowed twice ever month or lawns that are infested with weeds, or littered with rocks, branches and other depris. Here is my schedule and prices, let me know what you think.



    A) Neighbour #1: $35 a cut (45 min)
    B) Neighbour #2: $35 a cut (45 min)
    C) $35 (50 min)
    D) $40 (1 hour)
    E) $40 (55 min)


    A) $40 (1 hour)
    B) $45 (1:15)
    C) $45 (1:30)
    D) Next door to client C $55 (1:45)
    E) $35 (40 min)

    10 Days

    A) $40 (1:10)
    B) $40 (55 min)
    C) $45 (1:30)
    D) $30 (35 min)
    E) Next door to client D $35 (40-45min)

    2 weeks

    A) Sloped boulevard weed eating job $50 (1:40)

    Thanks, Look forward to hearing your comments.

    :canadaflag: Go Canucks Go!
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    all your profits could be gone if you make a mistake or crap just happens like a rock thru a window etc....and if you don't have insurance your screwed.

    As for not collecting and paying taxes......well that's just illegal........your gonna have all kinds of people on here jump all over you for this one.

    In regards to your rates...cannot say good or bad, as I don't know your expenses, don't know what the properties look like.

    Your rates do seem all over the map....you make $35 for 445 minute jobs but then only $55 for 1hour & 45 minutes

    hope it all works out for you....do yourself a favour though and atleast get a quote on some liability insurance...its not that expensive and you can even use it to sell jobs...."oh buy the way Sir/Maam, I am a fully insured company"
  3. TuffWork

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    I'm probably gonna take some heat for this:

    You are a college student. If you aren't planning on making it any bigger any time soon don't bother with taxes and insurance. If you grow much beyond what you are doing now you could be in serious trouble if you don't, though. That being said. Although your pricing is a little all over the place it is probably right if not on the high side since the people your mowing know your "just the kid down the street" anyhow.

    Stick with it. Save some money. Finish school. GO GET A REAL JOB!
  4. sache

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    Hey guys, what I meant by taxes is that since I don't make more than $30,000 annually, here in British Columbia Canada I am not required to collect tax from customers. I do pay income tax, however, so I am breaking no rules here. I was just saying that I do not collect tax to show that those prices are tax free. Insurance, on the other hand is something that I am looking into, as I am aware of the serious consequences that can occur when working without it. Currently I am in school and am on my way to med school, so yes, this is just a way for me to pay my way throughout school. At this time, I do not consider this a lifetime career choice. I am not just some "kid down the street" either, all my customers were obtained with ads in which I designed and payed for, in addition to customers acquired by drive by traffic noticing my quality of workmanship. In response to golfpro and tuffwork, I am aware that my prices are somewhat inconsistent. When I first started out I didn't know that other people were being charged more than 45-50$ a visit even for lawns that take around an hour and a half or more with a 21'. My bottom line for all lawns is $30 and I go up accordingly as the lawn size increases. My bottom line is consistent or a couple dollars lower than most professionals. I just wanted to get a general idea of what you guys charge for lawns in comparison to mine. My work pace is brisk and I don't waste time on the job; however I don't sacrifice quality of work for speed. What would be most helpful, is perhaps if I could get rates on lawns at the pace at which you normally work. Ie, if you take 1h with a 21', vertical and horizontal edging, and blow off, how much would you charge (same with 30min, 45min 1h 15 etc). I am aware that pricing is difficult to judge because all lawns are different (hills, obstacles, amount of edging etc.) but jobs are priced for the time it takes, not on the size of the property and grass to be cut. If you guys could give me a general idea of rates and prices that you charge that would be a great help and it would be much appreciated. And TuffWork, you can make good money in the lawn maintenance business, much more than similar professions that require equal knowledge and experience. I work 2 days a week and make more money than any of my friends with "REAL JOBS"!
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    Corrected it for you until you get your shift key fixed. :D
  6. sache

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    Thanks for the input, lawl.
  7. Gilmore.Landscaping

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    So from my quick math I am seeing around $2200 gross sales/month?? Is that really enough to afford med school? I hope your still looking for more clients to add to your route.

    Definitely need the insurance, I thought about going without it before I started but in talking with others if you have one issue it will have paid for itself.
  8. Golfpro21

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    if a property took us 1.5 hours to complete, we would need to charge a minimum of $150 plus HST.........but we run a 52" and a 36" machines so a property to take 1.5 hours would be a big one
  9. tuffram

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    One thing that all of us here in the U.S. are forgetting $40 Canadian is like $25 American!!!
  10. Gilmore.Landscaping

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    What are you smokin?? The canadian dollar is par or better!

    Also this means at $150/hour and a half your hourly rate is $100?? Or two guys at $50/hour?
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