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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Gravel Rat, Oct 8, 2003.

  1. Gravel Rat

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    Hi guys I was told again today my rates are too cheap for my rubbish removal side of my business. I was wondering what you guys charge per hour for a 1- 1.5 ton truck right now I charge 35 dollars per hour (Canadian). Most of the time its one trip which consists of usually 1 hours worth of trucking I don't know if I should have a minimum set price for one trip.

    My labour rate is 15 dollars per hour its minimum 1 hour labour for loading the truck if it takes longer I charge for that.

    So what is ball park prices you guys charge for carting rubbish leaves etc away from a customers property ?

    The material I haul away consists of scrap building materials,brush or the junk that just accumulates around peoples houses in garages and basements.

    I don't know if I should increase my labour rate 15 dollars per hour is pretty much a fair rate for general labour. My truck rate includes my wages so when I take 15 dollars out of 35 the truck makes 20 dollars.

    What do you think :help:
  2. newleaflandscape

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    the way I figure my trucking is this. First you have to figure out how much your truck is worth and you have to make the money to pay for that. The way I do it is spreading the worth of my truck over three years. And then you have to figure out how many days per year that you actually use the truck to make profit. Then you divide that by how many hours you average in use of it for one day. I always figure out two hours for each day. THat will give you your hourly rate. Then I add fifteen percent to that hourly rate. ( cause you are doing this to make money). Then I figure in my hourly labor rate with that. My hourly rate including all of our overhead( like phone,gas, advertising etc.) and including all the tax bulshit and other fees is 38.20 an hour. So my rate for trucking is about 71.40 per hour. But I stay true to that hour. Like if I hall for forty five minutes, I charge them 53.55.
    The way I figure it, its not worth my time and energy to do it any cheaper then that. You can make ten bucks an hour and not have the overhead and stress at wendy's if thats all you wna make. Hope that is of some help.
  3. Gravel Rat

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    I guess I can raise my truck rate to 50 bucks for a single trip if its going to take more than 1 hr it will drop to 40.00 per hour.

    My labour rate I really can't raise much as 15 bucks per hour is on the higher scale for labour in this area.

    I guess I will have to test the waters a bit and see what I can charge per hour for my truck. I think 45 might be a large enough jump as you can get a 5 ton truck for that for 20 dollars more you get a tandem.

    1 ton truck rate used tobe 25.00 per hour then I set my rates at 35.00 then the others did the same. Now that I'am the only 1 ton truck for higher I don't have much competition except for a landscaper friend who isn't in the trucking business.

    Oh ya anybody that works in Mc Donalds or Wendys etc only makes 8.50 per hour 9.00 is top wage you can't live off of that especially when the gov't takes 1/4 of that in taxes so you make 6.38.
  4. paponte

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    When I offered the service we were getting $60. per hour, plus dumping. I no longer offer the service due to the fact that EVERY time we go to the dumps we are guaranteed a flat or two. Just not worth the hassle for us. :cool:
  5. Gravel Rat

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    I have been going to the local landfill for the last 9 years never had a flat once but then again I run good tires on the truck. I guess I have been going to the landfill so long I know where I should and shouldn't go.

    The landfill charges by weight so thats what the customer pays it ranges from 100lbs to 2000lbs I think the heaviest single load I have hauled in was 4000lbs. The landfill knows me well they keep track of what I bring in I'am classed as a commercial contractor.

    I think I can raise my rate a bit if you guys are getting upto 60 per hour american which is about 75 per hour Canadian.
  6. paponte

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    We were using 18K lbs trucks, but still shouldn't make a different in an hourly rate. That would just mean you could haul more, resulting in higher dumping fees.

    P.S. That was a per person rate. :cool:
  7. Gravel Rat

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    On my trucks I have owned I run a 12x8 deck with 20" sides I heap as much as I can on the truck then take it to the landfill if there is stuff left over gotta make another trip.

    If I have a mixed load it can be a real pain in the azz but if there is a significant amount of one item enough to fill the truck I will take that one load.

    I really do want to get a dumping flatdeck again its sure alot of work unloading by hand especially with one type loads like duroids.

    Unloading nail invested demolition debris isn't fun to unload either especially stuff from reno jobs where the wood is loaded full of nails. The wood all sticks together and turns into one big lump you have to be super careful where you step and where you grab onto the wood.
  8. muddstopper

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    I had a duall axel dump once, Figure it cost me $125 per month just to own it because of insurance and tags. That was if I didnt even crank it up. Sometimes I hauled 30+ loads a day at $35 per load, sometimes the truck set. Found out I could hire it hauled cheaper than owning the truck, and now I dont have to worry about fuel stickers, inspections, fuel, tires, or CDL license ect, ect. Only draw back is having to wait on someone else to deliver.
  9. ksss

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    We charge $65.00 an hour for a 5 axle tractor trailer (side dump, capacity about 20 yards depending on type of material. A 10 wheel dump truck gets 50 and a drop axle gets you 5 more an hour. Our single axle gets 45. which is a little high for its limited capacity but we can't do it any cheaper. We have a 1 hour min. which should be more but we seldom haul for only an hour. These rates are really driven by the large local contractors. They set the rate and every one falls in line. But even at $65.00 an hour it adds up fast. Some of the big contractors will sub us out for weeks at a time.
  10. Charlie Sierra

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    The hauling component of my business is very profitable all season work but is limited by the size of my truck: 3/4 ton Ford with dump insert.

    I arrived at my rate by carefully evaluating just what it took to do a job. I found through experience whether it was brush or cleaning out a house that was for sale that it usually takes about three man hours to get the stuff together and get it into the truck. Dumps are generally close by (I found all the dumps, even the ones that are not in the phone book!) and fees run $20.00 to $30.00 dollars for green waste and $40.00 dollars for a landfill trip. I always figure in a minimum of one hour driving time so I came up with a figure of $160.00 a truck load for a quick, "average job" (I always try to work for at least $30.00 and hour).

    Though hauling like most things is best bid as time and materials, being able to rattle off a per truck figure has allowed me to land some good jobs sight unseen over the phone. I always tell people in advance that excessive mileage or special disposal charges might apply.

    BTW, I have found that to be profitable and timely it is a good idea to add one laborer if there are stairs on the job and/or one laborer per 40 yards the material is from the truck. I took a pedometer out on a few jobs so I could come up with numbers for "man movements" and was simply amazed at the distance we were travelling on any given jobsite.

    Recently, I found out that a large local firm was charging $39.00 an hour for a 3/4 ton or single-wheel one ton pickup with dump insert and driver so methinks my rates ought to come up a buck or two!

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