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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Turf Tamers, Mar 16, 2006.

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    I have been a Lawn Site reader/poster for about a year now and I have learned a lot from all the information available. In several posts I have seen lots of LCO's stating that "I get a dollar a minute". Well thats all well and good if you can get that but I have had "0" luck in my attempt to charge and successfully get a dollar a minute. I have top notch equipment, I've been doing this kind of work since I was 13 so I got a handle on this stuff and still the dollar a minute eludes me.
    further, have several friends in the business which are my competitors. We discuss things like this over lunch regularly and as a group we are lucky to get thirty five dollars an hour per man. Maybe the market in central NC is bad? Anyone in NC please provide a little input if you can regarding your success and the elusive $1.00 a minute.
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    North Carolina is a 'poor' state. It's sad to say, but true. For the most part, NC workers earn lower wages. So the "threshold of pain" for what most people are willing to pay for lawn care is also lower.

    So to make a long story short, if you want to attain a higher gross hourly wage for yourself, you can't do so mowing for "most people".... Hope that makes sense?

    Ok... here's a good example... I get the better rates because that is what my quotes/bids are based on. So back when I used to actually submit competition bids a few years back, my close rate was a miserable 3% of all submitted.... and basically NONE of that 3% selected me because I submitted the lowest bid.

    So, I do not work for 'most people' but instead only a select few. With that percentage of return, you can't secure enough work to keep a big operation busy.

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