Rates on Leaf Removal?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by clmllc, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. clmllc

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    Hey Guys, out of curiosity what are the rates being charged for leaf removal out there? We charge $80 an hour with two guys with a 2hr min. and no deposit up front to hold the appointment. We are using a 6x12 dump with 7ft sides with 16hp Billygoat debris loader mounted. We stay booked pretty solid with very few shying away from the hourly rates. Appreciate the feedback.
  2. lawnpro724

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    I think your about on target with prices, we charge $35 per man hr and $5 hr for equipment charge.
  3. clmllc

    clmllc LawnSite Member
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    Thanks Lawnpro for the info.
  4. topsites

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    That's not bad, for removal I charge by the load, keeping in mind I have a $40 dump fee to cover as well.
    Unless it's just an unusually tough job, the per load charge keeps the customer from being hit hard if it takes longer because I'm not feeling the love (I don't care much for leaves).

    $200 for the first trailer load, 360 for 2, 480 for 3, doesn't go below $160 / load.
    (which gives me the incentive to load as much as possible, every load after the first = I lose money).
    Also keeps prices competitive with sucker dumpers, until I can get one.
    But, if 3-4 loads it takes, then that's how many loads it takes... I mean...

    My loads range from 400 to 1200 pounds, just depends on the leaves, but average is 700-800 pounds.
    It's really weird, I just finished a yard, front and back, one load for front, one for the back...
    The back load was 780 pounds.
    The front weighed 460...
    I swear to you it was the same amount of leaves both loads LOL.

    Usually, 2 hours to clean and load, per load. 1-2 hours driving and dumping after that.

    It's a straight 6x12x2, doesn't dump but they come off pdq when I use both the backpack and handheld together.

    I usually can fit about a dozen 8x10 tarped loads in there, 4 fills the trailer, then 4 more on top, and 4 more on top of that, pushing DOWN the whole time.

    p.s.: I almost always charge AFTER I am done, estimating is too difficult for me with leaves.
  5. barcode148

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    to give you an example of my charges. i charge $50 an hour with two people but all we have are blowers 21'' mowers and rakes with a dump truck. i just finished a job it took 11.5 hours with 3 1/2 loads of leaves. the total came to $575
  6. GrassBustersLawn

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    OK, it is HARD to compare rates because every tells it differently. Did it take you 11.5 hours TOTAL for 2 men (5.25 hours each)? Or was it 23 total hours to do the job??? How much did it cost you to DUMP the leaves (per load)?

    I charge $60 PER MAN HOUR. PLUS $25 dump fee. Depending on job size we could have 2 to 4 men on the job, at $60 PER MAN HOUR. I can dump a 14yd trailer load of ground up leaves for $20 a load. I can usually get 3 jobs into a trailer. The $25 fee I charge pays for the travel time for 1 man to go to/from dump.

    I have a $150 minimum charge. Did that 1 time this year. It took 1 man hour on that job.

    THERE ARE PEOPLE THAT ARE READY, WILLING & ABLE to PAY $60 per hour for leaf job. You just have to be marketing in the right areas. RAISE YOUR PRICES and you will INCREASE YOUR INCOME. Leaf Removal is HARD, DIRTY work. The customer knows that, you know that, so CHARGE WHAT THE MARKET WILL BEAR. Let the low-ballers do it for $12 an hour.

  7. Uranus

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    $50 per man hour. $30 for a full load in my leaf box, and $15 for half a box. If you want your gutters cleaned its a minimum of $50, and it only goes up from there. I dont care if its one gutter that you cant reach and you did the rest of the house. If the ladder comes out is fifty in my pocket. If I cut off more than half an inch of grass while cleaning up your getting charged for a mow. Oh yea if you b!tch about the price you can go F yourself cuz I'm not coming back.
  8. carcrz

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    regular mowing rate + $5 per mower dump.
  9. Roger

    Roger LawnSite Fanatic
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    I don't agree with this assessment. In my experience, for most customers, "leaf removal" is merely raking up the leaves. How hard can that be? Dirt? Where is the dirt? They are only clean leaves that grew on the tree, right?

    Now, we know differently than these assessments. But that is part of the problem in reconciling the difference of what we wish to be paid, and the customer's willingness (or lack thereof) to pay.
  10. carcrz

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    It can be dirty in that it gets pretty dusty when the leaves are thick & dry. I know I am pretty dirty when I am done bagging leaves all day long.

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