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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by josh84, Jan 27, 2004.

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    On one of my residential accounts, I have a big problem with rattle-snake weed. This past fall I cleaned out one of the beds, cut all the lantana out and then mulch with pinestaw at 3-4 inches deep. within a month the weed had covered the bed. I also have a problem with it in the lawn. I have been advised to spot spray 2,4d in the beds, but i don't want to kill the lantana if at all possible. If anyone can help me with advise for the beds or for the lawn I would very greatful.

    THANKS josh84
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    What the h@ll is rattle snake weed? I've lived in the south all my life an never heard of rattle-snake weed. But ever once in awhile I'll run across a rattle snake that isn't a weed.
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    Hmm... is this bindweed or morning glory? A trailing vine? If it is, good luck, because it will root easily from any parts left in the ground. A selective broadleaf would be best for areas in the lawn but would hurt the lantana. You may have the roots of the weeds mixed in with the lantana roots, and so pulling and retransplanting the lantana would be like replanting the weeds. If practical, you could try "painting" Roundup on the leaves of the weeds in the lantana. Put on latex or rubber gloves, and then over these cotton gloves. Dip the gloves in Roundup (use a spreader sticker too) and then shake hands with your weeds, without soaking the lantana. Lantana is a bit woody and could survive a little bit of chemical on it, but I wouldn't want to chance it. You could surely make it look sick.
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    I grew up in Ga and never heard of it but did find this...

    rattlesnake weed
    n : a hawkweed with a rosette of purple-veined basal leaves;
    Canada to northern Georgia and Kentucky [syn: Hieracium
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    rattlesnake weed may not be the proper name for this weed, unfortuantly I don't know what the proper name for it is. I do know that rattlesnake weed is what everyone calls it around here. I can tell you that it's a small light green weed that seems to thrive in moist conditions. it is also not effected by the summer heat or winter cold. I know that is very little information but if anyone has heard of this weed or has any more suggestions of how to get rid of this stuff, I would greatly appreciate it.

    thanks for the help so far ! josh84
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    Looks like I'm wrong about it being bindweed. Lets see if this pic is what you're talking about. It's the segmented root tubers of this plant that resemble a rattlesnake's tail. These are in the mint family, square stems, and like a lot of plants in the mint family it can be aggresive. For further info and treatment info you can check this website:


    rattlesnake weed.jpg
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    Rattlesnake weed is the same as Florida Betony Weed. I have used Atrazine to control it.

    I realize this is an old post, but good for future reference.
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    Make the effort to obtain a pesticide applicators license. The reason I mention this is not just for the legal/ ethical side of things but it means you have at least obtained a very basic understanding if what you are trying to accomplish. Not trying to be the lawn police but I have been where you are and just trying to help. Listening to other people who are not properly qualified doesn't help. Maybe posting this in the pesticide/herbicide forum would give you better info.

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